The Worst Ben & Jerry's Flavor According To 22% Of People

Ben & Jerry's is a lot of people's go-to ice cream brand, but even with its long-standing dominance over the frozen dessert market, it has some flavors that aren't as popular as their iconic Phish Food or Cherry Garcia options.

According to a poll conducted by Mashed, 22.58% of respondents thought Mint Chocolate Cookie was the worst Ben & Jerry's flavor in quite the landslide ruling. The next runner-up for worst flavor was Milk and Cookies with 16.90% of the vote, then Chunky Monkey with 16.13% of respondents saying it was their least favorite pint. Strawberry Cheesecake appeared to have a good number of supporters, with just 15.67% voting it as the worst flavor, and only 14.44% did not prefer New York Super Fudge Chunk. The classic Vanilla flavor had the least amount of votes, with only 14.29% of respondents voting it as the worst (essentially crowning it as the best flavor, among the picks in the poll).

It may seem shocking that nearly a quarter of all 651 US-based participants were in agreement that Mint Chocolate Cookie was the worst pick — but they're not alone.

What's behind the dislike for Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream?

It really should come as no surprise, as the mint and chocolate flavor combination often gets a bad rap. According to Iowa State Daily, the dislike for this combo is seen in a frequent comparison of eating toothpaste.

However, the flavor does have its fans. This editorial article by the Oak Park High School's Talon newspaper says the flavor deserves more support, describing it as the perfect complement to a warm dessert, like a brownie — or as a standalone option.

According to a Brand Eating review, the Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie flavor is perfect if mint chocolate chip is typically your usual order at the local ice cream store. However, instead of chips, there are chocolate sandwich cookies embedded within this ice cream, which the reviewer really seemed to enjoy.

So if you're team mint and chocolate, don't let this poll deter you from trying this least popular flavor. Even better, it's one of Ben & Jerry's ice creams that comes in a non-dairy, vegan variety so you can enjoy it regardless of dietary restrictions.