Almost 40% Of People Think This Is The Best Brand Of Ice Cream

Ice cream is a versatile dessert, perfect for almost every occasion. Whether you're having a difficult week and want to get over the blues by having a pint of ice cream, or you're out for dinner and need a dessert fix, ice cream works every single time. That said, no two brands of ice cream are identical. It's a tough contest and narrowing down on your favorite option isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Well, we decided to dig deeper. Mashed conducted a survey of 27,000 people around the globe and asked them which brand makes the best ice cream. This is no joke because ice cream is serious business! Some of the brands that were in the contest included Häagen-Dazs, Baskin-Robbins, Magnum Ice Cream, and Ben & Jerry's. While all the scoops are strong contenders, there can only be one winner, yes? Here are all the details from this epic ice cream showdown. 

Get behind Ben & Jerry's

So, who has the reigning pint of ice cream? In the survey, Ben & Jerry's impressively emerged at the top, with 39 percent of respondents naming it as the best brand of ice cream. Haagen-Daaz came up at 24 percent, followed by Baskin Robbins at 11 percent, and Magnum Ice Cream at 8 percent. About 18 percent of the respondents also chose the "other" category, indicating that their preferences went beyond the names already on the list. One person made a solid point about how they prefer smaller brands compared to the more prominent names in the market and recommended Costco's frozen offerings. "Almost any small, local provider of dairy products makes better ice cream than any of the national brands," they wrote. "Whoever makes ice cream for the Costco Kirkland brand does a reasonable job."

Another popular favorite that emerged in the comments section was Tillamook. One respondent noted that the brand has a creamy selection of ice cream with good-quality flavors. As for popular flavors from Ben & Jerry's, many Redditors recommend giving Phish Food a shot. What's in it? Well, a mix of chocolate and caramel with marshmallow swirls and fish fudge. Yummy.

What makes Ben & Jerry's stand out among its peers? According to Reader's Digest, it's all related to the air content in each pint of ice cream. Ben & Jerry's ice cream has less air content and more room for butterfat from dairy, which means you get to treat your tastebuds to a richer dessert. Can't complain!