Duff Goldman Just Clapped Back At Buddy Vs Duff Critics On Twitter

Considering that "Buddy vs. Duff" is a competition show featuring two of the most accomplished bakers in America, there's surprisingly little baking going on. Fifty professional cake experts judge Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman's creations remotely, so they don't even get to decide whose cake tastes better (via Discovery). In "Buddy vs. Duff" Season 3, it's all about the looks, the lights, and the other special effects. The cake itself — as in the flour, butter, eggs, and sugar — is an afterthought, as one fan of the show recently pointed out on Twitter.

"Wondering why they don't actually bake on #buddyvsduff this year?" Twitter user "Rick D" asked. "Rice Krispie treats and the little bit of cake they use is all pre-done. And no one is actually tasting." Since Rick D tagged Goldman in the tweet and proclaimed his rooting interest in the Charm City Cakes owner, Goldman took the time to respond. "I hear you," Goldman replied on August 1, while Episode 3 was airing. "Personally I'd rather watch incredible artists sculpt with cake and fondant and gum paste and chocolate and create things that very few people in the world can. But that's just me. Enjoy the artistry. It's phenomenal."

Several Twitter users backed up Goldman on this point. "I don't care what you guys use: I am just amazed at the end result every single time," Nathalie L'Ecuyer posted.

Some 'Buddy vs. Duff' fans aren't impressed with the highly engineered cakes

Some people in the Twittersphere pushed Duff Goldman on the point originally made by Rick D: Why is there no baking on "Buddy vs. Duff?" User @PopNFood quipped, "May as well use rubber, foam, and Gorilla Glue." Goldman clapped back at this comment: "So when YOU make photorealistic life-sized cakes with special effects what materials do YOU use? Take your time, we'll wait." Twitter being Twitter, @PopNFood wanted the last word. "Do you know of anyone eating these gross, groped, days-old 'cakes?'" they asked. "There's an impressive skill set in sculpting, sure. Cake? Nah. No one is eating that." Then, a "p.s." to Mr. Goldman: "If I dislike a movie, do I have to be an actor to share that criticism? So whiny."

Goldman could have replied along the lines of, "You have to at least know what the movie's about," but he left well enough alone. Goldman did respond, however, to a lighthearted jab from Twitter user @Bacon4Pres: "Does FlexSeal make fondant yet?" Goldman embraced the idea that the makers of waterproof tape should come up with their own moldable icing. "I would totally use @GetFlexSeal fondant," he tweeted. "I love that stuff."