This Is What Makes Gelato So Great, According To Bobby Flay

Some people scream for ice cream, others enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt or sorbet, but Bobby Flay loves gelato. In his latest episode of the podcast "Always Hungry," Bobby and his daughter Sophie talk about everything regarding gelato. Whenever gelato is brought up, a comparison with ice cream is relevant to make. Sophie remarks that the two have similarities but, she knows that they aren't quite the same. Just to set the facts straight, ice cream and gelato are not identical, thanks to different textures, ingredients, fat content, and even the serving temperature, according to the Food Network website.

The Flays break it down further, and Bobby asks Sophie which of the two she believes to be richer. She thinks gelato, which is a good guess given its creamy silky texture, but Bobby explains that these factors are confounding. In fact, Bobby points out that there is actually far more cream and butterfat content in ice cream. Food Network's comparison of the two frozen treats confirms this position, indicating that gelato contains about 4% to 9% butterfat whereas ice cream starts at 10% and often reaches 14% to 25% butterfat content, as Bobby tells Sophie. As an enthusiastic gelato eater, Bobby takes this information to mean that he can simply eat more gelato ー we'll gladly follow his nutritional lead!

What else makes gelato distinctive?

Aside from the butterfat and cream content, Bobby Flay explains to Sophie that gelato contains no egg yolks but ice cream often does. This makes gelato overall denser, another key element in Bobby's favorite frozen dessert. While the thought might provoke a brain freeze for many, Bobby loves being able to chew his gelato. Light and airy ice cream is clearly not his preference, and he favors the satisfying consistency of gelato. Bobby explains that gelato is kept seven to 10 degrees warmer than ice cream, which gives it a creamy texture that adds to its perception of richness. The Food Network website also touches on this point and says that a spade is usually used to serve gelato.

Once the Flays clear up the distinction between gelato and ice cream, the next obvious question is what is the best gelato flavor? Bobby doesn't hesitate with his answer, and pistachio is undoubtedly his number one. He even tells his daughter that he uses pistachio as a form of quality control to test all "gelaterias" (gelato shops). Other Flay favorites include hazelnut and a chocolate hazelnut blend. All this gelato talk might leave you hungry for a sweet treat ー you can always follow Bobby's recommendation and try pistachio.