Fabio Viviani's Easy Seafood Trick Will Take Your Dish To The Next Level

In the mood for seafood? Sure, you could make reservations at the fancy steakhouse downtown for some surf and turf. But you could also whip up an equally delicious dish at home, thanks to the plethora of recipes on sites like Pinterest and Food Network and the abundance of seafood available at most grocery stores. No matter where you live, you can likely find crab meat, a variety of fish, scallops, and maybe even live lobsters at your local market.

However, for many home cooks, seafood dishes can be intimidating. You might be dealing with ingredients you've never — or rarely — used before, like crab claws or mussels. Fortunately, though, no matter how tricky the recipe, there's an easy way to instantly elevate your meal, according to celebrity chef Fabio Viviani. The restaurateur and cookbook author ("Fabio's Italian Kitchen," among others) has a secret trick for making any seafood dish taste better, and all you need is one extra ingredient.

Clam sauce is Fabio's secret ingredient

In an interview with Uproxx, Viviani revealed that his secret to more delicious seafood-centered meals is clam sauce, which you can find in the pasta aisle at almost every grocery store. "For any seafood dish, add a little bit of clam sauce," he said. Buzzfeed, quoting that observation, adds, "Although you might not be able to pick the flavor out, the little pop of brininess will take your seafood dishes to a whole new level."

There are plenty of recipes to make homemade clam sauce or you can buy it in a can at the store. If you want the best of both worlds — that is, you don't want to spend hours making homemade clam sauce, but you aren't a fan of it straight out of the jar, either — you can easily doctor up canned clam sauce. Food Schmooze suggests adding extra clam broth, to make it a more concentrated flavor, or mixing in fresh herbs.