This Is Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Cut Of Steak - Exclusive

When you hear the name Andrew Zimmern, especially in the food world, it's recognizable right off the bat. A chef, restauranter, restaurant activist, philanthropist, and television guru, he's accomplished a lot throughout his career. But even with all of that under his belt, he's most well-known for his shows "Bizarre Foods" and "The Zimmern List."

Now, Zimmern has a new television show for his fans. "Family Dinner" premiered on Magnolia Network on Discovery+ on July 15 with the goal of showcasing family gatherings and meals shared across the country. And certainly, it has added to the long list of incredible foods Zimmern has tried and enjoyed over his years in making food-focused television.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Zimmern dished on the new show, his previous experiences on "Bizarre Foods," and he even shared his opinions on a few favorite foods. Amongst those dishes? Zimmern's favorite cut of steak. We got to learn all about what he thinks is the perfect piece from a cow. 

Zimmern loves some of the more obscure pieces from a cow

With so many episodes of "Bizarre Foods," it's clear that Zimmern is no stranger to the, well, strange pieces of an animal. And just as he is adventurous in trying other cuisines, the same goes for his selection of steak. "I like a lot of the little strange one-off muscles that are in there," he said.

Zimmern noted that there's a piece of spinalis found behind the shoulder blade of a cow that looks like a skate wing. "There's only two of them on each cow," he said. "I absolutely love them"

But of course, that's not the only unique cut he's having for dinner. Zimmern shared his love for pieces such as the outside skirt and the cap of the ribeye. "There's lots of little pieces like that, that if I had a cow in front of me and could choose, that's where I'm going," he added.

This classic cut is another go-to for Zimmern

But of course, there's no shame in ditching the bizarre items found on a cow and going with a classic cut from time to time. While ribeyes, New Yorks, and T-bones are all delicious options, Zimmern makes a case for a nice, grilled tri-tip.

The key to a good tri-tip for Zimmern is where it was sourced. If it's not sourced well, it can be terrible. "A tri-tip, when it comes from an average producer, is good, not great," he said. "A tri-tip that comes from a really good animal and a really good butcher shop, a really nice tri-tip that's well-marbled ... I think is one of the most flavorful and delicious cuts."

Though Zimmern noted his love for porterhouses and New Yorks, he thinks the tri-tip, especially when it's a great piece of meat from a reputable butcher, can truly be a wonderful value. And if he had to compare it to beef tenderloin or filet mignon, he'd certainly choose the tri-tip.

Be sure to tune into Andrew Zimmern's new show "Family Dinner," available on Magnolia Network through Discovery+.