What Jenna Fischer Really Eats In A Day

Actress Jenna Fischer, who is best known for her role as Pam Beesly on "The Office," is also known for her love of baking bread (via Buzzfeed). Fischer has invited fans into her kitchen as she documents various loaves and yeasty projects she's whipping up in her cozy home. However, obviously she eats more than just homemade bread, serving up all kinds of meals for her family. In fact, one of her food-centric tips was that she always includes her children in the dinner preparation process, in order to encourage them to try different foods and expand their palates (via Delish).

There are some individuals who live for variety in their diet and loathe the idea of repeating meals, whereas others are perfectly content to eat the exact same things every single day, for years on end. Celebrities fall on both ends of the spectrum, with some eating merely to satisfy their health and physique goals and others getting whatever they want at ritzy restaurants. In terms of her daily diet, Fischer confesses that for most meals, she tends to stick to her tried-and-true options. For breakfast, she loves nothing more than a protein-packed plate of scrambled eggs with cheese, a side of berries for some extra nutrients, and of course a cup of coffee. As for the dinners she's whipping up with her kids in the evening, she cycles through a few family-approved meals, including common staples like pasta, tacos, salmon, and stuffed peppers.

The chaotic part of her daily eating, and her strange habit

While her breakfast and dinner routine has a lot of consistency and she goes for healthy items to bookmark either end of her day, it's lunch that Fischer admits she struggles with (via Delish). Like many busy individuals with packed schedules, Fischer often ends up just scrounging together whatever she can find to tide her over until dinner. During the course of a busy day, who hasn't just chowed down on a few handfuls of crackers or picked up a protein bar or bagel in the Starbucks drive-through line for an afternoon pick-me-up? Fischer has confessed to doing both, sometimes crunching away after collecting her kids from school or stopping for a caffeine fix.

The actress also revealed one particular tidbit about her eating habits that you can use to fact-check her enthusiasm, if you ever encounter her at a dinner table. (Hey, if she went to Michael Scott and Jan Levinson's place on "The Office" for the notorious dinner party episode (via Rolling Stone), she just might stop by your place as well.) When Fischer really, really enjoys a dish, and she's in a private situation surrounded only by loved ones who won't judge her, she'll get every last bit of enjoyment out of a dish by licking the bowl or plate. "It's horrible manners, but sometimes it's just so good," she told Delish. We get it.