The Best And Worst Things Paris Hilton Made On Cooking With Paris - Exclusive

In the first season of Netflix's "Cooking with Paris," there were some rather ambitious dishes that Paris Hilton took on. After attempting to make increasingly difficult meals throughout the season, Hilton had a lot to look back on when Mashed sat down to talk with her. Ultimately, she reflected on which of the culinary creations were the best and worst of the season.

One dish that really stood out to Hilton were the vegan McDonald's fries she made — even if she reiterated in the episode that her household could never be strictly vegan. "The best was the ... There's so many good things. I loved the vegan meal with Nikki Glaser, and I attempted to make McDonald's french fries. They weren't as good as McDonald's french fries, but I'd never used one of those fry ... the air-fryer things, so that was a lot of fun," Hilton said. But there was another entire meal that she really loved too. "Oh, yeah, with my mom and my sister, we made like this truffle with gold flakes on a steak meal, which was so good," she added. With toppings like truffles and gold flakes, how could it not be wonderful?

Paris Hilton didn't follow the recipe for this dish

The worst dish out of the whole season of "Cooking with Paris" turned out to be something many people initially struggle with — pasta making. Hilton explained, "The worst was probably with Demi, when I was trying to make the homemade pasta, the homemade ravioli, but I didn't follow the directions right." The pasta became too glutinous and thick to go through the pasta machine which meant that it couldn't be rolled out into sheets. In the end, Hilton and Demi Lovato had to let the whole dish go.

Fortunately, Hilton thought ahead and had a backup plan just in case her pasta night did not go exactly right. "Thank God, I bought the pre-made ravioli, because we just didn't know how to do the other ones," she said. It sounds like both Hilton and Lovato could use a hands-on pasta-making lesson to start out with. However, with some visual aid and instruction, there's no doubt they could be pasta pros in no time. Besides, first attempts never go exactly right.

To watch it all unfold, "Cooking with Paris" is now streaming on Netflix.