What You Need To Know About The Smaller Sprouts Farmers Markets Opening Now

Sprouts Farmers Markets have fostered a "grocery model that's good for you, good for your family, and good for the planet," according to the official website. With a focus on a variety of plant-based, gluten-free, and keto products, the brand has looked to change how people shop, especially by putting produce in the center of the store and making it a focal point. 

Looking ahead to the brand's growth, however, Eat This Not That! reports that the grocery retailer is taking a different approach to its expansion going forward — by focusing on a smaller footprint and store makeovers. The idea being that shoppers should have more convenience in finding the products they want and be able to make new discoveries much easier.

According to the article, Sprouts Farmers Markets is growing its current pool of 360-plus store locations across 23 states by adding 20 new outposts. But, while more stores are opening, it's the size of the stores themselves that is getting attention. Although some grocery brands subscribe to the bigger is better model, Sprouts Farmers Market is choosing to downsize. 

With the view across the aisles having less clutter, they hope to make shopping more streamlined. And as guests learn to navigate these newly remodeled stores, the chain also hopes they will find more products to discover. In essence, Sprouts Farmers Markets found a way to make the bounty in the cart worth the trip, rather than a chore.

The changes coming to Sprouts Farmers Markets

In a recent conversation with The Mercury News, David McGlinchey, chief format officer for Sprouts, shared his thoughts on the new store design. Specifically, he commented on consumers wanting "convenience and products that cater to their lifestyles." Because today's customers are used to click and buy, as Sprouts rationalizes, in-person shopping needs to be as convenient as a re-order button on a shopping app. 

After navigating the shopping changes in the past year, and seeing people converting to healthier eating choices, Sprouts decided to make some changes. First, they will be replacing some self-serve food like the salad and olive bars. In their place will be an "innovation center" looking to spark a conversation about new choices and fielding questions consumers have about new products. 

There will also be a expanded refrigerated section with more new-to-market items and a heavier emphasis on plant-based foods, and according to Eat This Not That!, the freezer section will have an additional 130 products — again, many plant-based. Also, they note, the meat department will now be the first thing customers see when entering the store rather than the bakery, which has swapped spots. 

Given the brand loyalty that Sprouts Farmers Markets has earned over its over 20-year existence, starting off as a produce stand, customers have high expectations. By finding a way to evolve without straying too far from its roots, the company seems poised to capitalize on a smart growth strategy for success.