Rachael Ray's Heartwarming Dream Dinner Party Guests

Whether you know her from her hit daytime television show "Rachael Ray," her popular lifestyle magazine "Rachael Ray in Season," or her slew of bestselling cookbooks, Rachael Ray has earned herself a shining bright spotlight in the cutthroat world of cooking shows and celebrity chefs. Known for her delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes, Ray stars on four popular Food Network shows, including "30 Minute Meals." Despite her busy schedule, Ray still makes time to support what's important to her. The female business mogul launched a nonprofit organization called Yum-O that motivates and inspires children and their families to adopt healthy relationships with food and cooking, as well as a premium dog food line called Nutrish. Both company names are inspired by Ray's famous culinary catch-phrases.

Despite all of her fame and success, when it comes down to it, Ray is down-to-earth and your typical girl next door. In an interview with Food Network, the Emmy Award-winner discusses her shockingly ordinary life behind the big screen.

Rachael Ray really is just as down-to-earth as she is on TV

Known for her bubbly personality and her charming on-screen presence, with Ray, appearances really are what they seem. The Food Network star likes keeping things simple. For one, Ray only wears make-up when she's on camera. "The second I'm inside my front door, I wash my face and put my hair in a ponytail. My entire wardrobe consists of flannel pajamas and [New York] Jets slippers," Ray reveals. Even when it comes to dining, the famous celebrity chef strays away from anything too glamorous, preferring a good ol' fashioned burger night to fine dining, and her large cutting board to fancy kitchen gadgets.

But to top things off, Ray's response to the iconic question — who would she invite to her ideal dinner party? — truly melted our hearts. Rather than selecting a famous historic figure or a beloved actor, she chose her grandfather and her first dog, Boo. "If there is a heaven, that's who I'd be partying with," she says. "My grandpa would want spaghetti with a lot of sardines or anchovies and Boo would want butternut squash." Awwww!