This Is How Full Your Slow Cooker Should Be For The Best Results

If you have a slow cooker, you know that it truly comes in handy when you have a busy day or simply want to take it easy in the kitchen. From potato soup to a tender honey garlic chicken dish, this one versatile appliance offers so much range when it comes to different dishes. Here's how to use your slow cooker correctly and get those dishes to shine.

Since your slow cooker is so easy and straightforward to use, it might be tempting to stuff it to the brim and make an extra large batch of food that's sure to get you through the week. However, Kristine's Kitchen advises against this, saying that you should not fill your slow cooker more than three-quarters of the way, but to ensure that everything is evenly cooked, your slow cooker should be filled at least halfway. According to Reader's Digest, leaving space in your slow cooker is especially important for meat because it does need some room to cook.

Other tips for using your slow cooker

If you are new to using a slow cooker or just need a refresher on best practices, there's a couple more things to keep in mind besides how much you are putting into your appliance. Avoid making these mistakes while using your slow cooker, like using the most expensive cut of meat, for example. In a slow cooker, even cheaper cuts of meat will fall apart once they are done cooking, so save your favorite steak cut for another meal.

The Spruce Eats also offers the basics on the most effective ways to use your slow cooker. Although it can be tempting to check on your food, do not keep opening up the lid, similar to how you should keep your oven closed while baking. This lowers the temperature, thereby lengthening cooking time.

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