This Viral TikTok Trend Could Change The Way You Treat Acne

Acne can not only be a nuisance, it can really suck away at your self-confidence. No one enjoys waking up with greasy skin and an about-to-erupt, Mount Vesuvius-looking, North star zit right in the middle of the forehead or any place else for that matter. Don't feel bad. Few people are immune to the occasional breakout. Even the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys avoids certain foods in an effort to keep her skin clear. Most of us are not that disciplined. That's why there are lots of over-the-counter medicated creams you can try to combat the problem. But many people ultimately throw their hands up in frustration and head to their dermatologist, and unless you are Dr. Pimple Popper, you probably shouldn't be squeezing them. 

Well, if you've tried all the lotions and potions on the market to try and fight stubborn blemishes from popping up and out, TikTok has people talking about a much milder and natural treatment that doesn't involve any new skin care products. In fact, it actually involves something you probably keep in your refrigerator if you are a fan of salad or have ever experienced the dreaded dark circles after a night out with friends.  

Try rubbing a frozen cucumber on your acne

Frozen cucumbers are the not-so-secret remedy for acne and dark circles according to TikToker Alexa Rae Loebel. The influencer posted a video of herself rubbing a frozen cucumber, cut in half, all over her face, and encouraging viewers to try it if they want to say buh-bye to acne and red spots. The video has almost 120,000 likes and has been shared over 7,000 times. But does this chilly beauty hack work?  Blogger Sammi Samples Life shared on Facebook that she tried this frozen hack and it definitely left her skin feeling "refreshed" and "brighter." It also only required 5-10 minutes of rubbing the frozen cucumber on her face each day to accomplish this. 

But if a blogger is not the kind of authority you are looking for, there actually may be some science to it. Dr. Beth Goldstein, a dermatologist and co-founder at GetMr, told Glamour UK, "Cucumbers are high in vitamin K which is helpful in reducing dark circles." The dermatologist went on to note, "Frozen cucumbers may be more soothing than non-frozen in helping to reduce swelling, puffiness, or inflammation." Dr. Goldstein even cited a study that suggested cucumbers can decrease the oily sebum that coats our face and causes pores to become clogged, squelching acne on the spot. But as with all hacks that involve your skin, you should check with a doctor first.