How Rosie's Cafe Is Doing After Restaurant: Impossible

In January 2019, Robert Irvine and Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible" team rolled through Kaitlyn Rose Pilsbury's eatery, Rosie's Cafe, like a tornado, renovating the interior and overhauling the menu in an effort to save the struggling restaurant. Food Network described Pilsbury as someone who "had passion but lacked experience." Luckily, after the episode aired in April 2019, the Escondido, California, diner was saved, at least for the time being. Business improved and profits increased (via The San Diego Union-Tribune).

Then, in December 2019, Pilsbury was riding her motorcycle when she was struck by a driver in a hit-and-run. She was left with injuries to her head, legs, and arm. Soon the medical bills were piling up and keeping Rosie's open was becoming more and more difficult. A caring customer reached out to Irvine. "Restaurant: Impossible" arranged a fundraising carnival that raised $118,000 and was featured on another episode of the hit show (via The San Diego Union-Tribune). So where is the restaurant now? Let's find out.

The end of an era

Then came 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Rosie's was forced to close in March 2020 (via The San Diego Union-Tribune) and, in June 2020, reported that its doors would remain closed permanently (via Food Network Gossip). Kaitlyn Rose Pilsbury made the announcement on Facebook, stating, "The historic and innovative location within Escondido's community known as Rosie's Cafe is saddened to announce that between the effects from the horrible crime that struck 'Rosie' and the Covid-19 pandemic, Rosie's Cafe has closed permanently ...'Rosie' is extremely grateful for all the love and support she has received, especially from the community ... She sends a big THANK YOU with hugs, smiles, and positivity to all of you."

But Pilsbury won't be leaving the culinary world just yet. According to Sharp Health News, she plans to eventually open a business selling her pies and cakes, claiming that "making them is therapeutic for her." Turns out that no matter what happened to Rosie's, giving up was never an option.