The Five Guys Secret Menu Item Grilled Cheese Fans Need To Know

The smell of French fries and hamburgers hangs in the air like the scent of fresh rain. The crunch of peanut shells under your feet accompanies the familiar hiss of bubbling oil and fresh meat on a sizzling flat top. You can almost taste those boardwalk-style fries and those trademark soft, sweet buns holding hunks of juicy beef patty right as you walk up to the counter. It should be no surprise to you where you are: Five Guys, one of the most talked-about, "sleeper-hits" of the American fast-food industry. Notable for everything to the peanuts they leave out for you to snack on to the buns they make themselves to their steadfast refusal to deliver (out of fear it may "cheapen the brand"), Five Guys is one of the fastest-growing "fast-casual" burger joints in the U.S. 

Five Guys is also infamous for its "secret menu," which boasts everything from patty melts, burger bowls, and even a dupe for the In-N-Out Animal Style burger. But, perhaps there's something else you want instead of the plain old burger. Something a bit cheesier, something a bit meatier, maybe something involving a juicy, fresh, all-American hot dog? 

Fortunately for you, dear reader, Five Guys has the answer for you — if you know how to order it.

Five Guys' secret menu includes a grilled cheese-hot dog hybrid

Reddit user u/Fleek_Mills walked into a Five Guys, ordered his meal, and left with a feeling best described as a mixture of the pride one gets when they stumble across something of great innovation or the natural sense of worry we get when we are unsure of what we have just created with our God-given hands and minds. What Mr. Mills had created was a combination of grilled cheese and hot dog, in which the bun was layered with American cheese, that golden cheese from God's fondue pot, served melty and gooey with a long, split-down-the-middle all-beef hot dog, grilled until the bun was a crisp, buttery golden brown, and the juices of the dog dripped down from the bun like water from the Fountain of Youth.

Mr. Mills seemed unsure whether or not he should take pride in his creation, and so he posted it on Reddit for culinary counsel. Many reviewers sang its praises as they witnessed this meat-cheese miracle. "One should always be proud of any grilled cheese innovation," said user u/TenaciousMcGavin. "Nice, throw a bit of cajun on the mayo when you toast the dog bun," advised user u/ Iconic-Nas. "Trust me, it works wonders!"

Next time you're by a Five Guys, and you're craving something cheesy, go ahead and order a Grilled Dog. No, wait, a Doggy Melt? Hold on, uh, a Jack Benny's Bun Pup? You know what we mean.