Think Twice Before Ordering This Chocolatey Drink At Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee's Turtle Mocha Cooler is a fan favorite — the perfect blend of chocolate, caramel, and espresso. This makes it the perfect sweet coffee drink that will also give you that extra boost of energy, with the hot large version containing as much as 290 milligrams of caffeine.

However, if you are looking for a drink that is low in sugar, maybe this chocolatey concoction isn't for you. A large Turtle Mocha Cooler, which is 24 fluid ounces, contains 156 grams of sugar, according to the company's Nutrition and Allergen Information manual. According to the American Heart Association, men should cap their sugar intake at 36 grams of sugar per day and women should limit their daily consumption to 25 grams per day. This drink also contains large amounts of calories, with one large drink coming in at 1,050 calories. But with those tasty, turtle pieces sprinkled on top, it's ultimately your call if you want to order this scrumptious, sugary drink.

Healthier alternatives at Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is known for its assortment of different coffee-based drinks, so if you want something similar to the Turtle Mocha Cooler, here are a few alternatives to consider ordering.

The chain has a section on its website called "Lighter Options," where it lists its simpler, lower calorie drink choices. Among these include the Northern Lite Turtle Mocha Cooler. A size small is 140 calories and contains three grams of fat, which is considerably less than the regular version of the same size, which averages a total of 770 calories and 29 grams of fat. You can also get a simple "Coffee of the Day" or "Cold Press Iced Coffee," which are simple, caffeine-packed drinks that will have you wired the entire day, without all the added sugars.

With that being said, while we don't recommend the Turtle Mocha Cooler to be your go-to coffee order, it can be a nice treat every now and then.