Over 27% Think This Is The Best Sauce At Buffalo Wild Wings

Chicken wings are one of those foods that almost everyone can get behind. They're super easy to customize and you can pretty much get them however you want them. Breaded with spicy sauce, baked with a sweet rub, grilled with barbecue sauce – you name it, and it can probably be done on a chicken wing. A few food establishments have really mastered this piece of poultry and make it the focus of their entire menu, the most famous of which is probably Buffalo Wild Wings

The "wild" wings come boneless or bone-in with 25 different sauce and seasoning options (via the Buffalo Wild Wings website), which is a mind-bogglingly huge selection. Everyone has their own preference, but which of these sauces do most people love the most? In a survey conducted by Mashed, 603 participants in the U.S. answered that question, picking what they considered to be the best sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings from a collection of options. The answer was maybe not altogether surprising.

Most people voted for Honey Barbecue Sauce

Now, we know that not everyone has the same idea of what the best sauce is, but this survey asked which of the sauces people thought to be the best at Buffalo Wild Wings. Unsurprisingly, Blazing Carolina Reaper came in last place with 4.5% of respondents choosing it, presumably because most people enjoy having unburnt taste buds and feeling in their mouth. Perhaps in a similar vein, Jammin Jalapeno only received 8.3% of votes. 

Mango Habanero barely beat the bottom with just 10.12% of votes, leading us to think that a lot of people probably aren't going for the spicy sauce options. Fairly neck and neck in the results were the Spicy Garlic and Asian Zing sauces, which had 13.27% and 13.93% of the votes respectively. Coming in second place was arguably the creamiest sauce on the menu, Parmesan Garlic, which 22.72% of respondents thought was the best. The winner, with 27.20% of the votes, was Honey BBQ, an old standby classic. We can't even be mad, because this sauce is really that good.