Over 22% Said This Was The Worst Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor

There's no better treat in the summertime than an ice cream cone: cold, creamy, and full of delicious flavor, you really can't go wrong. Ice cream comes in hundreds (maybe thousands?) of flavors, so you can branch out and explore all sorts of different varieties throughout your life, finding new favorite flavors as you go.

There are some ice cream shops that even create more bizarre flavors, like fresh basil, balsamic strawberry, or goat cheese with blueberries (yes, those exist, we've tried them), and some ice cream shops have rotating flavors with the strangest combinations, like strawberries and cornbread. Most places stick with some basic flavors, with a few fun ones thrown in every now and then.

With all that variety comes the inevitability that some of the flavors won't be that good. In a survey conducted by Mashed with 606 participants, over 22% voted on which flavor of Blue Bell ice cream they considered to be the worst, and the results were a bit surprising.

Most people said banana pudding was the worst flavor

Now, maybe there's something to be said for ice cream flavors based on other desserts, because Banana Pudding was voted to be the worst flavor of Blue Bell ice cream by over 22% of respondents. The second worst was Bride's Cake, with over 21% of votes. Strange that both of the ice cream flavors that are actually other desserts on their own scored the worst!

Next is Pistachio Almond, with over 18% of votes, maybe this is because they mixed two nuts together in one ice cream flavor. Cherry Vanilla and Pecan Pralines 'n Cream tied with 11.72% of votes exactly. Vanilla Bean, the original ice cream flavor, received over 7% of votes. Vanilla on its own can be a bit underwhelming at times, but sometimes just a plain vanilla cone is perfect, "less is more" and all that.

The least worst flavor (if there is such a thing) was Butter Crunch, with just under 7% of votes. This flavor is sort of a play on Butterfinger candy, according to Spoon University, and it sounds super good honestly. Is anyone else craving ice cream after reading this?