For Smoothies, This Blender Stands Above The Rest

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Here's the thing with traditional blenders: it's easy to overestimate how much smoothie you're actually making. Am I using too much fruit for a single serving? Is my ratio of liquids to solids wrong? It can be tough to tell. Luckily, Ninja has found a way to eliminate this problem altogether with its individual-sized portable blender cup, and in doing so, made taking smoothies on the go easier than ever.

Thanks to a quick lid exchange, smoothie lovers can now enjoy their fruity (or veggie-filled) creations from the same cup they used to blend up their frozen creation. All users have to do is take the 16-ounce cup off the Ninja power pod once it's done blending and swap out the blender lid for a sip and seal lid. Voilà! Not only is your smoothie sipping-ready, you have one less dirty dish to wash!

If you're still a little confused as to how the Ninja Personal Blender works, don't fret — the machine is super user-friendly. First, plug the power pod into an outlet. Then, prep and add your ingredients into the portable blender cup. Tightly secure the lid with the attached blade and lightly push the cup onto the power pod, lid side down. The Ninja Pulse Technology will do the rest of the work. Once happy with the consistency, swap out the lids and enjoy!

Buyers can't stop raving about its compact design and horsepower

While you may feel tempted to purchase a fancier, more well-known name brand like Vitamix, Amazon customers guarantee the Ninja Personal Blender operates just the same, if not better than its pricier rivals. You can score the Ninja Personal Blender for the practically unheard-of price of $69.99. Typically, blenders run for two or three times that amount so this is clearly a must-buy, especially considering its compact design (great for storing) and flawless on-the-go transition.

Nearly 22,000 Amazon buyers have reviewed the Ninja Personal Blender, and it gets a 4.8 out of five stars! Shoppers love its durability and blending power, as well as how easy it is to use and clean. One customer shared the Ninja blended her smoothie "into a silky consistency like a champ" and that she was able to make over 30 servings in under an hour for a work function! Now that's some serious horsepower. Many buyers noted that they're able to blend ice, liquids, and fresh and frozen ingredients with no difficulties, which is likely thanks to the blender's 700-watt motor. Additionally, another reviewer commented that one of their favorite features of the portable cup is that it fits into vehicle cup holders, which isn't common to come by. One Ninja owner, who has been using her portable blender for six years, recommends replacing the blade to keep the machine running in tip-top shape (via Ninja).

Purchase the Ninja Personal Blender on Amazon for $69.99.