Everything We Know About Justin Warner's New Podcast

Justin Warner, who first made waves on Season 8 of "Food Network Star" (in which, of course, he ended up taking the cake) has since become a food personality people like to keep up with. Everything from his Instagram page to his cookbook, "The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them," to casually whipping up Marvel-themed dishes (via Marvel.com) has his fan base keeping close tabs and growing.

Seemingly someone with hands in many pies, Warner supposedly wasn't doing quite enough yet. In a recent tweet, the popular cookbook author and Food Network celebrity shared his latest project with his followers. Ever-so-good at teasing to get those extra clicks, he said only, "Made something! It's alive!" (via Twitter). (Knowing that Warner cooks Marvel-themed meals means that this tweet really could've been about anything, probably.) But to fans' surprise, this new endeavor wasn't another recipe book or a guest spot on a Food Network show (via the Food Network website), but something entirely new.

What we know about Justin Warner's new podcast

Instead of getting their stovetops ready, fans of Warner might want to grab a set of headphones because his latest project is a podcast titled "Warner's World of Wonders" (say that three times fast; we dare you). The first full episode premiered today (via Spotify).

The cover image for the podcast shows an inquisitive Warner spying through a whisk made to look like a magnifying glass, with various doodles of planets, food, and music symbols floating in the background. It seems as though Warner is taking his fame and fanbase on a journey that isn't focusing solely on food. The "About" section adds to the visual whimsy, explaining that Warner wonders, "Why does the cold side of a pillow feel so good?" and "What are the comfiest slippers to wear?" among other things.

The podcast description further tells potential listeners that Warner's on a "quest to become the ultimate Bon Vivant," with an emphasis on what makes life great and how the chef plans to explore the concept. This is pretty much Warner's entire vibe, according to his website. 

Episode 1 is titled "Aged Gouda – how good things come to those who wait," which is exciting for all of us cheese-lovers out there but also a glimpse at what Warner's podcast will be like — a mix of food facts and insider chef tips alongside some grander, think-piece-esque reflections on life. We're ready and listening, chef!