Leave A Restaurant Immediately If You Notice The Floor Is Sticky

It's never a good sign to notice a sticky floor at a restaurant. It can mean many things, ranging from the mundane spilled drink to the more disgusting scenarios that are best left unsaid. There's nothing quite as annoying as sitting in a booth at your favorite restaurant and, suddenly, having to peel your arm off a sticky tabletop. Who can forget the sound of their shoe soles slapping against the sticky tiles or the wet floor of a restaurant's bathroom floor and the main dining area? 

A clean restaurant is a good sign of any eating establishment. After all, presentation is key! And a clean, welcoming environment makes hungry diners comfortable enough to sit down and enjoy a meal. But, what causes a sticky floor in a restaurant? Spills and messes can sometimes be unavoidable when dealing with food and beverages. So, what is it about a sticky floor that makes for an unbearable dining experience? Well, according to Redditors, a sticky floor should not only make patrons uncomfortable, but it should also result in them leaving the restaurant altogether. 

A sticky floor is a sign the staff doesn't care

In response to a Reddit thread on red flags customers should be mindful of when eating at unhygienic restaurants, Reddit user That_Smell_You_Know wrote that those sticky floors and tables are a sign that "management gave up a long time ago."

According to That_Smell_You_Know, the reason for this is a build-up of soap residue. But, with a dedicated boss, a day off, a floor scrubber, and a power sander, the problem of years of industrial soap build-up can be removed. While sticky floors and tables are a bad sign, Reddit user baronmaid added that unclean floors and tables are a clear indication of something more harmful.

"You walk over the floors and it feels sticky or slippery, but the staff doesn't care about it, that is a sign." warns u/baronmaid. "The tables and chairs and windows aren't clean, the coffee pot has rings of old dried coffee on the inside. The counter is fatty and has stains that hasn't [sic] been wiped down in the last few days or hours....it's sort of an attitude among the people working there then [sic] anything else, usually this comes from these employees manager who in turn doesn't care."

So, the next time you find yourself practically having to pull your shoe from the floor of a restaurant, maybe it's time to rethink your eating choice for the day.