What You Didn't Know About Robert Irvine's Protein Bar Line FitCrunch

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine seems to always push the boundaries of possibility in the culinary industry and restaurant business, as evidenced on his show "Restaurant: Impossible." But he also pushes himself in the gym. Irvine revealed to FN Dish that he exercises on a regular basis and prefers staying away from carb-heavy meals to meet his fitness goals. His dedication to helping others achieve their own health and fitness goals resulted in Irvine hosting another Food Network TV special, the aptly titled "Fitness: Impossible," which aired in January 2015, per IMDb. "I eat small meals more frequently — eight to 12 meals a day — every two and a half hours," Irvine told FN Dish. "My protein is literally — whether it be chicken or shrimp, whatever it is — no bigger than a deck of cards each meal."

Irvine also believes that it's a good idea to enjoy treats in moderation instead of totally depriving yourself. Beyond giving healthy eating and exercise tips to fans on social media and on TV, Irvine turned his love for fitness and food into another business venture. In 2013, he came up with a high-protein bar of his own called FitCrunch. According to FitCrunch's official site, it's the only protein bar in the world with six different layers.

The bars have good reviews

Irvine's FitCrunch brand offers several products such as protein powder, protein bars, vegan energy bars, and more for customers who need a quick healthy fix. Per the brand's site, the bars are available all over the world and celebrated by both athletes and families alike. Of course, Irvine is his own best customer, sharing with FN Dish that he eats one of his protein bars before exercising, followed by a shake or breakfast after the sweat session. 

The reviews are pretty good as well. According to Crutchfield Cooks, the strength of FitCrunch protein bars lies in the fact that they're made with high-quality ingredients and don't leave a weird after-taste. One Redditor also praised the bars for being an inexpensive meal-replacement option. "These are by far the best bars I've ever tasted and I've tried just about all of them," wrote LittleMissReadIt in the Reddit thread. "I swear it's like I'm eating a candy bar with very minimal sugar." 

If you love protein bars, and you just happen to be a fan of Irvine's, maybe FitCrunch is worth trying when you need a little fuel for your workouts.