This Is The Best Part Of Being On Top Chef, According To Antonia Lofaso

Antonia Lofaso doesn't shy away from working hard to get where she needs to be. As per Harry & David, the chef has appeared on "Chopped," "Cutthroat Kitchen," and "Guy's Grocery Games," while overseeing many restaurants as an owner, partner, or executive chef. She constantly tries to improve her skills as a cook and continues to make a splash on television. On top of all that, Lofaso also juggles all the responsibilities of motherhood.

Lofaso burst into the limelight and took on a slew of opportunities thanks to her well-known appearance on "Top Chef." According to The Los Angeles Times, the chef first made waves with viewers as one of the top contestants in Season 4 on the show and guess what? She's really proud of that experience and thinks that there are many advantages to having been a part of the iconic cooking program.

A television appearance few can ignore

For Antonia Lofaso, the greatest thing about participating in something as iconic as "Top Chef" is the fact that she's now a known face to many. "It's been really nice to have people want to come out and support you and want to come out and see what you're doing," Lofaso said to The Los Angeles Times. She still can't get over how most fans have been very kind and also remains intrigued by the fact that viewers can't help but get invested in the contestants after seeing them on television for several weeks in a row.

Additionally, the chef realized that being a part of "Top Chef" helped her learn more about herself as a chef, as well as a competitor and an individual. "When I saw myself on TV, it was a big eye-opener," Lofaso said to Parade. She gained a greater understanding as to how she actually works in a kitchen and her overall behavior. Thanks to her experience on "Top Chef," Lofaso launched her celebrity cooking career and began making television appearances that made her a household name.