Hell's Kitchen Fans Say This Is The Worst Last Place Contestant

Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" is a show that has amassed a huge fan following over the years. According to The Things, the TV show has plenty of interesting tidbits associated with it. For example, when Ramsay gets a bit too upset while filming and stops service, the show's producers ask the backup chefs to take over in order to ensure that the guests are served their meals as planned.

Also, participants need to brace themselves for absolutely anything because they have no idea what to expect. Gordon Ramsay and his team members are constantly coming up with new surprises for the contestants. For example, sometimes, they are randomly woken up in the mornings to start prepping earlier than expected.

Viewers can't help but watch everything with rapt attention. And guess what? They have strong opinions, too. A Redditor asked other fans to vote for their least favorite contestant among those chefs who were placed last on the show. There were plenty of interesting answers.

Tavon Hubbard received criticism

As per Reddit, Tavon Hubbard was the worst participant among others on the show. Many Reddit users voted against him. A commentator wondered why Hubbard was on the list. "He was eliminated first for fu***** up the scallops. He pretty much jacked them so much, they couldn't use them," someone else explained.

Per Reality TV Revisited, Hubbard didn't get discouraged after his exit from "Hell's Kitchen." He started his own business called Chef Tav, offering cooking classes and private dining options. According to his Instagram account, he still works on private events. However, Yelp reviews aren't encouraging, as many customers have pointed out that the chef didn't turn up for the classes. For some, the session was badly organized. "We went to this class only to find the whole event unorganized. Started late, the cooking items not cleaned properly. The whole experience was a waste," an annoyed customer wrote.