TikTok Is Losing It Over Gordon Ramsay's Reaction To This Creepy Donut

If you're looking to go down a rabbit hole of bizarre videos and exchanges between people around the world, TikTok is a good place to start. Part of the platform's appeal is that, amidst clips made by the average public, there are some gems from celebrity faces. There's something infinitely more intimate about seeing a celebrity on TikTok versus in a big screen performance. Among the latest videos trending on the platform is one particular post by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay that's creating a buzz.

The notoriously controversial chef is quite active on TikTok, regularly posting videos for his 25 million followers of quick recipes, cooking tips, and commentary on dishes created by budding chefs, using the duet split screen function. In true Ramsay fashion, his observations are rife with insults and criticism, often questioning the very sanity of the posters. 

His latest target happens to be Nikk Alcaraz, a food artist and content creator behind the moniker Practical Peculiarities, a proclaimed ambassador of Halloween who loves to infuse eerie characters into his work. It's not the first time Ramsay has commented on Alcaraz's creations, however — in fact, the two already connected over an Apple Eye Pie on the social media platform.

What does Ramsay think?

Ramsay came across a TikTok video by Alcaraz, where he creates a Dough Boy Ramsay with an incredible likeness to the chef. Alcaraz refers to the video as an official response to the chef calling him a donut, describing it as "a bit of cheeky banter." Aside from his explicit insults, Ramsay often resorts to name-calling terms that are inspired by food — panini head and donut are some of his favorite seemingly innocent terms. Nevertheless, it's clear that his intention is to insult (albeit playfully). So Alcaraz decided to go along for the ride.

Ramsay followed the conversation by sharing his opinion about the Dough Boy TikTok in a duet clip. (And we wouldn't expect any less from the avid critic!) Alcaraz's video begins with a close-up of a strawberry passing through a flame, as his voiceover describes how he scorches the strawberries before dipping them in chili powder to make the jelly filling. Of course, Ramsay is already perplexed, exclaiming, "What's happened to you?" Alcaraz then crushes the strawberries into a liquid, as a disdainful Ramsay retorts, "Your voice is creepy, we have to lock you up for the Halloween party."

Next, Alcaraz cuts a figure out of dough and deep fries it in oil. He injects the fried dough man with strawberry jelly and covers up the hole with icing. The culminating point comes when Alcaraz places a Gordon Ramsay marzipan face onto the dough boy and then proceeds to bite the head off. Following a series of aghast exclamations, Ramsay asserts, "I may still be a dough boy but you're a donut!"

TikTok fans have been joining in on the fun with nearly 5,000 comments on the video. One Ramsay follower commented, "Oh come on Gordon it was a pretty good likeness!" while another noted his tamed down insults saying, "I love how PG he has to keep these for TikTok" and another agreed with Gordon's horrified reaction by sharing, "I'm traumatized for him."