Facebook Has Plenty To Say About This Functional Skateboard Made From A Sugary Treat

It wasn't too long ago when the 'everything is cake' trend swept the internet. It was a Turkish baker on Instagram, @redrosecake_tubageckil, who first began looking at seemingly everyday objects as layers of moist sponges, sweet buttercream, and colorful fondant (via The New York Times). Buzzfeed Tasty then shared a compilation of the baker's best hyper-realistic cakes — crocs, toilet paper roll, soap bar, bananas, you name it — and the whole world was fascinated.

In pastry chef Amaury Guichon's kitchen that's not the case, there's a slightly different medium for drool-worthy food art. Food Network recently shared a video on Facebook that had been previously posted on Instagram on July 19. It shows Guichon turn some chocolate and caramel into a very realistic and very edible miniature skateboard. The finished product is a caramel bar that looks like wood on wheels. It has parts spray-painted to look like metal and tiny chocolate wheels that even roll went this sweet skateboard is pushed.

Naturally, Facebook users couldn't get enough of Guichon's skateboard caramel bar. One user admitted that they didn't even realize that the skateboard was a dessert: "I didn't read the caption or who it was from (obviously) and when they snapped this open and I say my Jaw dropped." Others were in awe of Guichon's apparent ability to make pretty much anything with chocolate. Another said, "I would feel bad eating something that nicely made," and we couldn't agree more!

Amaury Guichon can make the Statue of Liberty out of chocolate

While many commenters on Facebook expressed awe and admiration for the caramel bar skateboard, a few joked about the trope of parents warning their children not to play with food. As one person wrote, "Don't play with your foo—...nevermind." It seems that Amaury Guichon started playing with food early on. By age 14, he had left school and went on to study cooking for two years (via The Pastry Academy). By 21, he was the executive chef at Hugo & Victor. He has won cooking contests in France and participated in a French cooking competition show. Guichon now runs and instructs at his own pastry academy in Las Vegas.

With such an impressive history of working in the world of pastries and sugary treats, it comes as no surprise that a mini skateboard caramel bar isn't the only realistic dessert Guichon can make. Guichon regularly posts videos on Instagram to give his 3.9 million followers a glimpse of what his other creations look like. He has crafted alarm clocks out of chocolate mousse and sponge, books out of pistachio streusel and mousse, and crowns with almond sponge and cherry compote.

More magnificent though, are his giant cake creations. His 5-foot-tall cello, 4-foot-tall fully functional Ferris wheel (yes it moves!), and even a motorcycle are all made of chocolate. But arguably the best thing that Guichon has made out of chocolate so far is a 7-foot-high Statue of Liberty