This Food Routine Helps Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari Stay In Shape

Pop star Britney Spears and her partner Sam Asghari have been together for quite a few years now, having made their relationship official on Instagram back in January 2017, according to In Touch Weekly. And, while Spears is the one known for being clad in all kinds of eye-catching ensembles for her stage performances, Asghari has certainly caught plenty of fans' attention over the years. After all, he has worked as a model and has several acting credits to his name (via IMDb). He's also a personal trainer, which means he's got the fitness part of his lifestyle down pat — and it seems he's got his nutrition dialed in as well. 

Asghari spoke with Men's Health about what his overall food routine looks like. High-protein foods are a key component of his eating routine. Asghari starts his day with a completely carb-free meal. A typical breakfast might contain five eggs and some vegetables. The rest of his meals stick to a particular ratio that anyone interested in his eating habits may want to know about. Asghari prefers the food on his plate to consist of 25% carbs, 25% vegetables, and 50% protein. Though some individuals love variety in their diets, Asghari takes no issue with eating the same meal several times throughout the day, provided it contains his golden ratio. 

A few other features of Asghari's food routine

In terms of what exactly Asghari eats as part of his food routine, he keeps things fairly simple, with one of his primary rules being that he steers clear of processed foods and instead prefers to eat things grown from the ground (via Eat This, Not That!). After his protein-packed breakfast, he generally follows his afternoon training sessions with a protein shake. Additionally, though he focuses on whole foods that are packed with nutrients, he does also incorporate supplements such as omega-3s, fish oil, and multivitamins into his diet. Also, while the high protein ratio of his food routine may lead you to believe he's all about animal protein, Asghari isn't afraid to experiment with plenty of plant-based options — as he told Men's Health, he's just not quite ready to commit to a fully plant-based diet.

If you're wondering whether Asghari deviates from his golden 25/25/50 ratio, he does — and he has a number for that too. He sticks to his regular food routine about 95% of the time and allows a 5% window for indulgences. In practical terms, this means he typically indulges in one weekly cheat meal, which is often something like a juicy burger and fries.