TikTok Can't Stop Talking About This Unsettling 'Raw Chicken' Cake

Crafty chefs who have made a social media splash making hyper-realistic cakes have rolled fondant to thank for giving them a new reason to bake. The ingredient, which is made out of different sugars to which gelatin and glycerin is added, is the culinary equivalent of play-doh, according to Bob's Red Mill, which probably makes it more fun to play with than it is to consume. 

Rolled fondant makes it possible to make a range of seemingly inedible items for dessert, many of which, we are guessing, are not exactly high on many people's list of druthers. So we are also guessing this social media user, which goes by TikTok handle cucumberskinlinguine, was going out on a limb when she featured a masterpiece of a hyper-realistic cake for her fans. We are not taking about a clothing, random pieces of fruit, a soda can, or a bag of chips, although we have seen those make an appearance on social media (via Bored Panda). This viral TikTok treat came in the form of a raw chicken leg, which was so realistic it would have made you doubt your eyes. It didn't help that the video showed the chicken leg being "basted" in a marinade made with what looked like a fruit preserve and chocolate syrup.

This TikTok cake shows a pastry 'basted' with fruit preserve and chocolate sauce

The TikTok clip that came immediately before the chicken leg was basted was viewed more than 7 million times and showed the crafty chef "creating" a raw chicken leg from scratch with the caption: "It's all fun and games until the victoria sponge gets marinated."

TikTok users didn't know whether to applaud or be grossed out by the all-too-realistic creation. After cucumberskinlinguine posted her masterpiece, one follower responded by saying, "u will hear from my therapist soon" Another questioned the chef's marinade choices, saying, "Chunky sugar could've been salt and maybe black sprinkle of some kind can be pepper?" with the WOW emoji. A third confessed that his eyes (and his mind) had played tricks on him and that he "thought this was actual chicken until I remembered that I saw the cake vid," referencing the TikTok that came before that. One confessed, "This is the one fake thing/ cake that. I could never eat, WHY IS IT SO REALISTIC??? I got nauseated imagining someone eat it" 

If you're itching to try making a hyper-realistic cake, rolled fondant can be made from scratch (via Bob's Red Mill), or it can be purchased for your next cake-making adventure, so that you, too, can fashion a raw chicken leg that can fool family and friends.