People Are Freaking Out Over These Hyper-Realistic Cupcakes

Anyone who dabbles the baking world of Instagram knows that there's always an incredible new trend sweeping the social media platform. From frog cakes and beyond, the bakers of Instagram keep things creative and astounding to those who are less talented with a piping bag. The latest baked good to grab the attention of many Instagram users are cupcakes that are hyper-realistic and often inspired by wildlife and pets.

One Instagram account, @Trend.Board, spotted the incredibly detailed cupcake work by @Kitty_Girl_Bakes and shared several of their photos to their account on May 13. Within a day, the post had received just under 26,000 likes. Among the cupcake designs that @Trend.Board shared were owls, woodland animals like birds, deer, and a badger. There was also a spread of puppies, cats, and even a panda. The skill of the baker is clearly astonishing, but some fans and followers are not so sure that they'd want to eat them.

This makes the cupcakes even more impressive

One person commented on @Trend.Board's repost saying, "cute + terrifying all at the same time." Someone else said, "I'd be scurr to eat these but wow." Another wrote, "they almost look too cute to eat, hahaha!" Finally, another baker commented, "This just called me untalented in 6 flavors and 3 ganaches." Despite the almost alarmingly realistic detail of the cupcakes, people are admiring the hard work and craft put into them.

While the design and decorating skills of the cupcakes are obviously impressive upon a first glance at the cupcakes, there's more to them that makes these astonishingly realistic cupcakes all the more impressive — whether you want to eat them or not. To begin with, @Kitty_Girl_Bakes is a self-taught baker who caters to customers in Brighton, Worthing, and Lewes in the United Kingdom. To top off the self-taught skills of the baker, all of the creations are totally vegan.