Duff Goldman's Daughter Captivates Twitter With Her Eyes In 'First Rodeo' Photo

If there's one thing fans of Duff Goldman have learned thanks to the adorable family photos he's been posting to Twitter, it's just how cute his daughter is. Of course, fans of the Food Network judge and baking pro were equally as enthused to find out Goldman's nickname for his co-judge, Nancy Fuller. But ultimately, fans' reactions still came back to his baby girl's stunning blue eyes.

On August 14th, Goldman took to Twitter again to share a photo of baby Josephine's first rodeo with his wife, Johnna, too. In the photo, Duff can be seen holding Josephine next to Johnna with several bulls in a pen behind the trio. Even baby Josephine is looking up at the camera, which really captured her stunning blue eyes. But if one thing is perfectly clear from the photo, it's that Josephine inherited her mother's eyes — without a doubt. The mother and daughter both have icy blue eyes with a darker, navy blue around the edges of the iris. So what fans are saying about Goldman's sweet family photo.

Here's what Duff Goldman's fans are saying

While one person criticized Duff Goldman's photography skills, writing, "@duffgoldman man need to improve your fam [selfie] game, you cut off @johnnapgoldman," most people just could not get over how precious Josephine is (via Twitter). One person commented, "wadda gorgeous baby!" Another said, "those blue eyes!!" One fan wrote, "look at those eyes! Beautiful!" Several more described little Josephine as being "beautiful" with her "amazing" eyes. One person even said, "cuteness! She needs a little Duff hat!" That would simply complete the family photos in a whole new way.

Tons of other fans could not get past the smell that likely accompanied Josephine's first rodeo and they kept reiterating how much better Goldman's bakery must smell. But that didn't seem to phase the Goldman family. From the looks on both Duff's and Johnna's faces, they must have been having a great time — even if Josephine looked "a little unsure," as one fan put it.