Why Starbucks Baristas Are Sick Of Complicated TikTok Drinks

If you're on TikTok in any capacity, chances are you've seen recipes for secret menu drinks like the White Mocha Iced Coffee or the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino (via TikTok). Well, here's a cry for help on behalf of your neighborhood barista — stop ordering those complicated drinks.

According to Business Insider, extremely complicated Starbucks orders can slow down the supply chain at a particular cafe. Although the article reports that 75% of drinks have less than three modifications, orders such as "The Everything Drink" have become more and more common, according to In The Know.

Another major issue with these special menu items is that sometimes, they don't even fit into the cup they were ordered in. That interferes with the company policy that mandates this rule, according to Business Insider.

And don't even try with those mobile orders. Because baristas aren't receiving those instructions in-person, that makes creating those complicated drinks ... even more complicated.

TikTok orders that have gone too far

Starbucks baristas' disdain of TikTok drinks goes beyond how time-consuming they are to make — some are simply "disgusting." The "Everything Drink" that was previously mentioned required multiple baristas and a cup and a half to assemble, according to Daily Dot. Another barista reported that there was a request to blend an egg bite into a drink (via Business Insider). Anyone with just a smidge of empathy can probably agree that these two instances were pushing the limit.

Now, there are a lot of barista-approved drinks that are delicious and also won't cause everyone behind you in line to hate you. These include the Chai Apple Juice or a tall White Chocolate Mocha with two pumps of raspberry syrup, which baristas even make for themselves according to Refinery29.

So this is a request to look out for your local barista and to give those fancy, overdone TikTok drinks a break.