This TikTok Starbucks Drink Is Now On The Official Menu

If you've ever scrolled through the TikTok app, chances are you've come across at least one "secret menu" Starbucks drink. Whether it's a coconut lemonade-based drink that tastes exactly like a Virgin Malibu or a Butterbeer Frappuccino inspired by Harry Potter, there seems to be an endless amount of ways to customize a Starbucks drink to your liking. Starbucks baristas, most notably @maariamarmora, often share their drink creations, explain exactly how to order them, and the videos usually go viral to the point that they're trending on the app.

If you've ever wondered how to custom order a Mango Dragon Lemonade Refresher, don't bother scrolling through the #StarbucksSecretMenu hashtag for the instructions. According to Redditor @huskyus, the drink officially made it to the Starbucks menu, which means you won't have to ask for a bunch of mods and substitutions when you order it.

Elite Daily reports that the Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher craze started in 2018, when Starbucks first introduced it, and it became so popular that a creamier, more coconut version, the Dragon Drink, was released as a follow-up. Though Refreshers in general are a common base for "secret menu" customizations, there's never been a lemonade version of the Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher on the menu until now.

TikTok's Starbucks drinks can be a nuisance to make

While there are plenty of baristas on TikTok who are happy to experiment with drink flavors and combos, some would rather fulfill an order for a regular latte or black coffee. "The trendy drinks are sometimes time-consuming or annoying to make, especially when customers aren't satisfied when their 'ombre refresher' doesn't look exactly like it did on TikTok," an Arizona-based Starbucks barista told Vice. "Another customer was adamant that a Rainbow Frappuccino — five different Frappuccinos layered in rainbow order — was on our 'secret menu.' It took us about 10 minutes to make, and when the customer finally tasted it, they were disappointed that they couldn't taste every color all at once, whatever that means."

The influx of TikTok drinks prompted Starbucks to release an official statement republished on Eater explaining that custom drinks are "the heart of the Starbucks experience," as long as the requests are reasonable enough for a barista to fulfill.

It's safe to say a drink that's as labor-intensive as a Rainbow Frappuccino won't be making the Starbucks menu anytime soon, however, the Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher seems to satisfy both baristas and customers alike.