The Delicious Spread You Should Try Adding To Your Coffee

There's no doubt that the past year has brought about some sweet and incredibly tempting coffee drinks, like Dalgona whipped coffee. Now there's an even sweeter take on the iced coffee that's causing a stir online, and it's all about the flavor of Biscoff cookies (via Delish).

You likely know Biscoff cookies as deliciously crisp confections with the deep caramelized flavor you get from the snack cart on airplanes. Many people also already know and love the Biscoff cookie spread that's available in grocery stores. Now the spread is a must-have addition to your coffee cup for a sweet treat. According to Glamour, a couple of different takes on making Biscoff iced coffees have emerged, but Lotus Biscoff actually released an official recipe so everyone can make it just right. If you follow the official recipe, you'll end up with a cold and smooth cup of coffee featuring a caramelized brown sugar Biscoff flavor that everyone can love.

How to make a Biscoff latte

To make the official Lotus Biscoff Latte, you'll need a shot of espresso, your favorite milk, some Biscoff cookie spread, a Biscoff cookie, and some optional whipped cream. First, line a glass with the Biscoff cookie spread. Then, simply pour the prepared espresso and the warmed and frothed milk into said glass. You can even heat the spread a little bit in the microwave to allow it to melt more easily into your coffee. Stir the mixture together until combined, and top it off with whipped cream if you like. Then crumble the Biscoff cookie over the whipped cream for a delicious way to start the day.

You can also make an iced version of the same drink by first mixing the cookie spread with hot coffee. Then, simply pour this slurry over ice and add milk. Glamour suggests pumping a bit of vanilla simple syrup into the glass before pouring in the coffee-cookie spread mixture. Of course, if you really wanted a decadent treat, you could also add the whipped cream and a crumbled Biscoff cookie to this version of the drink too. You might even want to try mixing the whole latte up with a blender before topping it off with the cookie and whipped cream for a different take too. Either way, you can't go wrong with this sweet treat that guarantees to give other coffee trends a run for their money.