Alex Guarnaschelli Has Amazing News For Supermarket Stakeout Fans

In the age of streaming, everyone has experienced that feeling when you finish the last available season of a show you really love. What do you mean there isn't more to watch? Even if you're still watching cable television, everyone knows that unsettling feeling of disappointment. One fan of Alex Guarnaschelli's "Supermarket Stakeout" decided they'd had enough of those end-of-the-season blues. So they took to (where else?) Twitter for answers as to when they could expect the next season of the shopping-centric show to air.

On August 15th, Twitter user @c0queta143 tweeted, "I just want to know when @guarnaschelli and #SupermarketStakeout is coming back! @FoodNetwork like, wth?! I know y'all have some out takes, a few new episodes.. Something!!" The best part might have been that the tweet was accompanied with a GIF of Chunk from "The Goonies" saying, "Come on." Fortunately for the original poster and anyone else who counts themselves a fan of "Supermarket Stakeout," Guarnaschelli was kind enough to respond with a tweet of her own.

This is the good news Guarnaschelli shared on Twitter

The next day, on August 16th, Alex Guarnaschelli took to Twitter and quote tweeted the original question posted by @c0queta143. Guarnaschelli tweeted back, "We are shooting a lot in the fall!!!!!" Since then, some 79 people have liked the tweet. It would definitely appear that a lot of people are happy to hear that more "Supermarket Stakeout" is slated for the schedule, but fans probably would have appreciated some more details, too.

The only response Guarnaschelli's tweet has received so far was from Twitter user @shaviceli, who really just complained about the new Discovery+ streaming service. She writes that she "cut the cord" (read: got rid of her cable) without realizing not everything she wanted to watch would be available exclusively on streaming. So, if you want to catch the forthcoming "Supermarket Stakeout" episodes, you might want to keep an eye on your television, or at least do your research to make sure you're prepared with the right platforms to watch it on. The only thing worse than realizing you've run out of episodes to watch is not being able to watch it at all!