Fans Are Trying To Describe Their Love For Aldi In Only One Word

Aldi: IYKYK. The popular, budget-friendly grocery chain first opened in Germany in 1961 and then hit the United States in 1976 (per Aldi's website). Today, it has 2,000 locations across 36 states — and many American shoppers are fiercely devoted to the brand.

Aldi stands out with lower prices than many other supermarkets thanks to novel, cost-saving methods like remarkably small staff and a reliance on a tightly curated inventory of mostly private brand items, according to Frugal Bites. Speaking of those store brand finds, many of them are the reason that Aldi shoppers can't get enough and have given many products cult followings. From bottled mimosas to carb-free bread, Aldi offers a mix of year-round staples and limited-edition treasures that customers eagerly await and rush to the stores to nab. 

For example, Aldi honors its roots with "German Week," when fans can look forward to the chance to stock up on different items from the chain's Deutsche Kuche brand. If you still had any doubts about Aldi's allure, consider the fact that it's even earned the seal of approval of celebrity chefs like Andrew Zimmern, who believes in the store's commitment to sustainability and keeping healthy food affordable.

So, perhaps it's no surprise then that a recent Instagram post from Aldi has people talking — albeit, in very few words.

The comments on Aldi's Instagram post prove the store's mass appeal

On August 17, Aldi posted a graphic on its Instagram page reading, "The one word I'd use to describe my love for Aldi is..." and then asked for customers to fill in the blank — like a call to action for all of the rabid fans of the supermarket chain to unite. It makes you wonder, though, does Aldi really need to fish for compliments? Perhaps it is nice to feel the love every now and then.

But feel the love Aldi did with a number of responses showing lots of affection. Some of the single words commenters chimed in with, expressing their Aldi enthusiasm, include "Infinite," "GOAT" [greatest of all time], "Unconditional," "Undying," "Bliss," "Intense," "Steadfast," and a cheeky "Legend (wait for it) dary!" to name just a few. In other words, people adore Aldi, which we already knew, and they're all but too happy to shout it from the social media rooftops. There are even entire fan accounts dedicated to Aldi on Instagram, from @aldifavoritefinds to @ohheyaldi and @theamazingaldi.

Of course, we know that there are some people who might describe their relationship with Aldi as anxiety-producing. But a few handy tips can easily help people overcome their trepidations regarding the chain's $0.25 cart fee or fast-paced self-bagging at checkout. With a little practice, shoppers can get used to those fun items and low prices, and with little time, they too are likely to join the Aldi cheering squad.