What To Expect From Aldi's 2021 German Week

Aldi is a German-based supermarket, and according to German Girl in America, when you shop at an American Aldi store, you're getting something that's pretty close to the German supermarket experience: clean, simple, neat, and plenty of foods imported from Germany. However, the cultural experience is enhanced further during Aldi's German Week, which is when Aldi stocks up on even more German-imported products, albeit for a limited time. Aldi's German Week happens twice per year. The first is usually around Easter. The second takes place around Oktoberfest, according to Almost Aldi, which also pointed out that "this is one week where their store brand products really shine." 

In case you're wondering how authentic Aldi's German Week actually is, German Girl in America says that it's the real deal, and it's your rare opportunity to get a feel for what it might really be like to shop at an Aldi in Germany. This year's first German Week starts on April 7, although according to Aisle of Shame, "If your store has a Sunday ad switchover, then the German Week products will debut on April 4." Wondering what to expect from Aldi's German Week? 

Here's what to expect from the upcoming Aldi German Week

If you've never shopped at an Aldi, German Week would be a great time to start because the German-based supermarket stocks up on even more German-imported products than usual, according to Aisle of Shame. In addition, because German Week is premised on the availability of products, some of the issues that Aldi has been experiencing with empty shelves and generally insufficient stock may not be a factor. In fact, it's possible that the apparent supply snafu may have been partly the result of Aldi preparing for German Week — since Aldi is known for using a "just-in-time" approach to inventory management (via The Guardian), in which stock is delivered only as needed. So perhaps Aldi has simply been clearing the decks for the big event. 

Hopefully, the first thing you can expect from Aldi's first 2021 German Week is an abundance of products, especially those imported from Germany. But beyond that, you can expect all the items listed in Aldi's weekly circular regarding German Week. And if you need a bit of guidance, the products that Aldi fans have mentioned they're most excited about include cornichon pickles, a variety of German mustards, frozen schnitzel, frozen spaetzle, Jaffa cakes, rye and pumpernickel breads, and various German sausages (via Aisle of Shame).