The Most Overrated Items At Costco

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One of the biggest perks of having a Costco membership is that you get premier access to some really great deals on some really great products. There's no denying the fact that Costco is able to provide its members with low prices on a ton of quality items, including home goods, grocery items, pet care items, and so much more. But unfortunately, just because you see something at Costco doesn't mean it's worth buying.

In fact, there are some seriously overrated items at Costco that might just shock you, though that doesn't mean it's untrue. Yes, some of these items might be things you regularly add to your cart at Costco, but you might not need to anymore. Just because it seems like a good deal doesn't mean it is or that it's worth it. So, read on to see what Costco is tricking you into buying, and prepare to be a little upset along the way.

Makeup wipes

As anyone with a skincare routine knows, there's nothing like finding a good deal on a skincare product you actually need. And at Costco, a lot of people think that the Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes are that item. But really, the makeup wipes at Costco are totally overrated, for more than one reason. First of all, makeup wipes in general aren't all that great for your skin. "Cleansing wipes don't effectively clean the skin," celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau told Refinery29. "Instead, they just smear dirt, bacteria, oil, and makeup across the face." Yikes, that's not what you want to hear!

But it's not even the worst of it because if you do decide that you want some makeup wipes to have around just in case you can't wash your face for whatever reason, these still won't get the job done well. "These wipes are terrible ... not moist enough and they tug and feel rough on my skin," one review said of the product. Clearly, the Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes are better left on the Costco shelf.

Pre-cooked bacon

One of the most popular items at Costco is their packaged pre-cooked bacon. It definitely seems like a good deal as you get a pound of pre-cooked bacon for a low price. But really, this bacon is completely overrated, and you're better off not buying it. Yes, it might seem smart to have a ton of pre-cooked bacon on hand, but it's really not. After all, cooking bacon in the oven is easy and fast, and will definitely taste way better, so why waste money on bacon that's less tasty anyways?

Yes, in all honesty, pre-cooked bacon is really not that great — and kind of gross. More than that, just because it's pre-cooked doesn't mean you don't have to follow any food safety measures with the meat. Additionally, the pre-cooked bacon at Costco comes in a huge package, and it does have an expiration date (it's meat after all!), so will you really be able to eat it all before it expires? Probably not, meaning that this meat is seriously overrated.

93-inch stuffed bear

There's something pretty adorable about giant stuffed animals, even if you aren't a kid. And the 93-inch plush bear at Costco is no exception. Well, sort of. The bear is kind of cute, but it's also huge at 93 inches, or seven feet and nine inches, tall! For just $250, that might seem like a bargain, but is it worth it? Honestly, no.

Let's be real, who even has the room for a 93-inch stuffed bear in their home? This is the kind of purchase that you'll likely instantly regret, so why waste your money on it now? Sure, the thought of a giant stuffed teddy bear might seem cute, but it's super impractical and something that's better off living in your imagination than in your actual house. Oh, and if you're considering ordering the bear for a friend with a kid, just don't. They don't want that monster in their house, either. Once again, this item is completely overrated, and it seems as though the idea of it is a lot cuter than the actual product, which is honestly a little scary.


One of the biggest sections in any Costco store is the clothing department. In the middle of the store, laid out on tables and sometimes handing on racks, are piles of clothes, all at Costco's signature discount prices. And one of the most popular clothing items you'll find at Costco are the women's leggings.

Yes, pretty much any brand of leggings you buy at Costco will be super cheap and probably come in under or around $10, but that doesn't mean they're worth it. After all, when clothes are that cheap, there's a reason for it. The leggings at Costco are all overrated because they're not great quality, and you'll probably end up needing a new pair sooner rather than later. Because of that, you won't really have saved all that much money. Additionally, the leggings at Costco aren't very comfortable, and you can find better deals online or by shopping the sales of more reputable legging brands.

Kirkland dog food

If you own a dog, then you know the struggle of finding your furry friend the perfect food to keep them happy, healthy, and full. And you might find that other dog owners rave about Kirkland dog food and claim that their pet loves it, but that doesn't mean it's actually all that great. Yes, the dog food is definitely one of the most overrated items at Costco because it may not be the best food for your pup.

Sadly, there are some pretty scary reviews of the Kirkland brand dog food out there. "Our once healthy dog has been vomiting, won't eat nearly any food now, and is losing weight," one reviewer claimed after they started their dog on the food. "First, I love Costco and all the Kirkland brand items, EXCEPT the dog food," another added, continuing, "I no longer trust the Kirkland dog food brand ... very disappointing." Yeah, dog food isn't something you want to gamble with, so to say that the dog food at Costco is overrated would be a huge understatement.

Italian sparkling water

One thing that's become increasingly popular over the years is sparkling water. There are about a million different brands out there, though, and ample opportunity to discover your own personal favorite. But you might have heard that the Italian sparking water at Costco is a pretty good buy, and that's not entirely true. While some people might rave about this item, it's really not all that great.

One review of the sparking water described it as being pretty plain. "This is definitely average sparkling mineral water," the reviewer explained. "There is not the depth of taste of a Perrier or a San Pellegrino. Not bad, just not great." Again, the Kirkland Signature Italian Sparkling Water isn't anything special, and considering how many other sparkling water brands are out there, why waste your time and money on something new when you might already have a brand of sparkling water you know you like? Yes, this item is definitely overrated.

Kirkland hazelnut spread

There's no denying the fact that the chocolate hazelnut spread made by Nutella is pretty much one of the most delicious things to ever exist. The spread is rich, creamy, and so flavorful that it goes well with just about anything. But if you're a Costco member, you might have been persuaded to try out the Kirkland version of Nutella, with people promising that it's the same thing at a better price. Unfortunately, that isn't true, and the Kirkland Hazlenut Spread is completely overrated.

As one review of the hazelnut spread put it, the product is nowhere near as delicious as its name-brand competitor. "It was so greasy and tasteless, don't waste your money," the review stated. Yikes! This isn't exactly a compelling reason to give the hazelnut spread a try, so just save your money or stick to Nutella because this Costco item is definitely overrated.

Kirkland hummus

Hummus is typically a tasty, healthy, and easy snack that just about everyone can enjoy. But if you shop at Costco, you might have noticed people visiting the deli section to purchase the Costco store brand of hummus and found yourself wondering whether or not you should give it a try. Well, probably not.

To be fair, the Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus is a fairly good buy, but it's also seriously overrated for a very important reason. Hummus, especially organic hummus, doesn't last forever. And the Kirkland pack of hummus contains 20 two-and-a-half-ounce cups of hummus, which is kind of a lot, especially considering the fact that you can't just not eat it in a reasonable amount of time. You would have to eat a ton of hummus in a short amount of time for this product to be worth it, but add in the fact that it's not even really all that tasty, and it's clear that this Costco item is severely overrated.

Pumpkin pie

If you're a Costco member or just someone who likes to look for deals online, you've probably heard of the Costco pumpkin pie. The dessert is pretty famous among Costco members, and it makes sense why. The premade pie is huge, weighing over three pounds and typically costs around $6. Obviously, that sounds like a great deal, and it is, but it's also pretty overrated for more than one reason.

Honestly, the pie isn't all that tasty, and it kind of resembles any premade pie you would get at the grocery store, meaning that it's not that special, and unless you're feeding a huge crowd, it's going to be way too much food for most people. Additionally, making your own pumpkin pie is pretty easy, and you can adjust the spices and sweetness to your own liking. So, while the Costco pumpkin pie might be beloved, it's also overrated, and you don't need to grab it this holiday season — promise.

Premade cheese boards

Charcuterie boards are definitely all the rage, and as trendy as they are, we can't really see them ever going out of style. Who doesn't love a giant board filled with delicious cheeses, fruits, spreads, crackers, and more? What's more, if you make your own charcuterie board, it's totally customizable, meaning you can fill it with your favorite items instead of things you only like a little bit. But with the Costco premade cheese boards, you miss out on that option and are instead stuck with what they give you. And that's only one reason why they're overrated.

Another big reason is because you don't actually get all that much for your money. Yes, there's usually some good brie on the boards, but the other cheeses on the board aren't all that great. While these boards might be tempting for when you have to host a dinner party or night in, they're usually just not worth it, and you're better off assembling your own.

Minced garlic

Costco definitely has some great deals in the grocery department, including spices, oils, and other baking items. But as popular as the minced garlic at Costco is, that doesn't mean it's worth it. In fact, it's actually pretty overrated.

For just around $5, you can get a whopping 48 ounces of minced garlic, which is certainly a heck of a deal. But that deal is also extremely overrated because when you really think about it, do you need 48 ounces of minced garlic? What's more, are you going to be able to use it all before it expires? Honestly, probably not. The tub of giant minced garlic is certainly enticing, but unless you cook with garlic every day for every meal, then it's overrated. Additionally, pre-minced garlic is never as tasty as fresh garlic. And honestly, mincing your own garlic isn't really that hard or expensive, so this product is definitely not worth it.