Korey Denton

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Syracuse University
American Cuisine, Recipes, Fast Food
  • Korey is a lifelong lover of food and a genius in the kitchen.
  • She enjoys eating out and trying new foods, especially anything spicy or deep-fried.
  • Korey loves to write about recipes, fast food hacks, and the best things to order off of any menu.


Korey has been a professional writer for over five years, and has written for online publications since she was in college. Korey has written for Elite Daily, Romper, HelloGiggles, The Washington Post, Glamour, and more. Korey graduated college with a degree in English. She is a self-described foodie and enjoys immersing herself in the world of food.


Korey studied English and Anthropology at Syracuse Univseristy and graduated in 2016.
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