The Real Meaning Behind Duff Goldman's Hilarious Tattoos

Celebrity baker Duff Goldman stands out from the pack thanks to his over-the-top personality and devil-may-care persona. However, it is his liberal sprinkling of tattoos that have caught the attention of many, especially his loyal fans and followers on social media.

Plenty of people love tattoos and get them for all types of reasons. Often, tats are chosen for sentimental purposes or to celebrate heritage. Per Showbiz CheatSheet, Goldman has a waffle tattoo, a whisk tattoo, a unicorn tattoo, and several others. And, while much of his ink is food-related, others have fallen into different categories, including his very first tattoo. According to Famous Chefs, Goldman's first ink is of "The Little Prince" because his mother used to read him the stories as a child. The Charm City Bakery founder and star of former Food Network series "Ace of Cakes" also has his Hebrew name, "Avashalom," inked on his arm (via Twitter).

Two of Duff Goldman's tattoos are the result of lost bets

Goldman apparently enjoys a good bet, even if it seems that he loses quite a lot of them. During his co-hosting stint on the show "Kids Baking Championship," Goldman engaged in friendly wagers with his pint-sized contestants, per Showbiz CheatSheet. After losing one challenge to the kiddos, he got a tattoo of a waffle on his arm. Later on, he lost another challenge and wound up with a "chubby unicorn" just above the waffle. In 2019 he tweeted, "Do I HAVE TO get a Taco Tattoo?!" after losing yet another bet with the kids. Then, just moments later, he made good on his bet with a "tacosaurus" tattoo, a hybrid of a taco and a stegosaurus. Much like with his cakes, he certainly gets points for tattoo creativity.

Season 10 of the hit Food Network show is scheduled to air in late 2021. Here's hoping that the kids finagle yet another oh-so-entertaining tattoo out of Goldman.