Halloween Baking Championship Season 7: Release Date, Contestants, And More - What We Know So Far

Love Halloween and the festivities that come with it? Enjoy feasting on baked treats? Can't get enough of themed shows on television? If you answered yes to these questions, you're probably familiar with the Food Network show "Halloween Baking Championship." Per IMDB, the seasonal baking show has been on air since 2015 and is a must-watch for the entire family with its generous dose of twists, turns, and of course, plenty of terrifying treats.

According to Food Sided, the show's 2020 edition had an appropriately spooky setting: a haunted house. Considering how difficult last year was on account of the pandemic, many viewers were grateful for the respite the TV show offered. A fan wrote on Twitter, "During this strange time we're living in, I want to thank the bakers, judges, and everyone at the #HalloweenBakingChampionship crew for [allowing] us baking fans to enjoy our favourite halloween tradition! I'm sure it wasn't easy but it was still well done!"

Summer is ending soon, which means Halloween — and yes, more of "Halloween Baking Championship" — is just around the corner.

The show is making a comeback really soon

So, when is the new season of "Halloween Baking Championship" going to entertain us in all of its gory glory? Mark your calendars for Monday, September 13 at 9 p.m. It's going to be an exciting time for foodies and Food Network fans, as the network has many special shows in store for what they call their "spooky season," including "Halloween Wars," "Worst Cooks in America: Halloween Redemption 2," "Outrageous Pumpkins," and "Kids Baking Championship: Oh My Gourd!" That's definitely enough Halloween food content to keep anyone busy, but good news: "Halloween Baking Championship" will be premiering first.

Fans are already looking forward to the festivities. Someone wrote on Reddit, "Yay! Can't wait. I love Halloween baking championship and Halloween wars. I watch them both every year." Another viewer agreed and said, "My absolute favorite time of food network!" Can't blame them, to be honest. So many fun options to look forward to, after all.

There are crowd-pleasing changes

This time around, John Henson will make a comeback as a host. Henson is really popular — according to Cheatsheet, he wasn't a part of the show's sixth season last year, which upset some fans who missed seeing the stand-up comic in action. A fan wrote on Reddit, "I miss John Henson. Why is he not on there?" Another added, "John Henson was funny and engaging, hope they bring him back as well!"

Well, the show's producers seem to have listened to its fans, as Henson will in fact be returning to host "Halloween Baking Championship" this year. Other prominent faces that will be a part of the show include chef and TV personality Carla Hall and pastry chefs Stephanie Boswell and Zac Young. They'll be judging the contestants' work while dressed up in interesting costumes for Halloween. Can it get any better? Well, as it turns out, it actually can!

There's a new theme to look out for

What's different in this year's edition of "Halloween Baking Championship" in terms of plot? Well, as Food Network reveals, the theme for Season 7 is super interesting and super bloody: slasher films from the 1980s. Ooh! Can you think of popular titles that deserve to get featured? 

Basically, ten participants will meet John Henson and begin the competition at "Camp Devil's Food Lake." All they will have is their baking talent to help them beat the tricky challenges they face on the show. A description from the channel reads, "Each week the bakers must create killer cakes, creepy cupcakes and more, all to showcase their skills in challenges that pay homage to quintessential horror films." Not an easy task by any means, right?

The winner will, of course, be awarded a grand prize: $25,000! Viewers can catch the show on the Food Network as well as discovery+ when Season 7 premieres on Monday, September 13. Who's excited?