Twitter Can't Believe This Bacon Sandwich Served On Ryanair

You might not have the highest expectations for airplane food. However, it appears that Ryanair — the notorious budget airline — has managed to lower the bar even further. A Twitter user recently shared a picture that was sent to her by a friend, which showed a sad looking bacon sandwich. The meal consisted of two slabs of bread, a slip of meat that didn't even cover one side, and nothing else. "I'm trying to figure out if it qualifies," she wrote.

Many commiserated, but as Ryanair is so well-known for its cheapskate practices, they took a more humorous approach to the complaints. "Ryanair would like to apologize for giving you too much bread that makes our generous bacon slices look small," one wrote. Another asked whether it could really be Ryanair if the company included actual bacon of any amount in the sandwich. "I'm enjoying Ryanair's new role as avant-garde philosophers," a third commented, noting that the company seemed intent on finding the line of what defines a bacon sandwich.

The epitome of airplane food

Looking at the depressed bread with its lackluster attempts at bacon, one sees the sad embodiment of airplane food. However, Ryanair has never been known for particularly great food. In 2010, the small food review blog Foodraker described their ham and cheese sandwich as follows, "There were what tasted like flecks of 'cheddar' in salad cream with canned sweet corn and polystyrene ham. It was, I think, the most disgusting sandwich I have ever eaten."

As the BBC explains, a lot of the issues we have with airplane food are due to the constraints air travel places on cooking. The changes in altitude mess with cooking times, so it is often easier to just reheat a pre-made meal. Moreover, the need to carry more passengers forces foods to take on a further factory quality. None of this excuses the bizarrely under made bacon sandwich. However, the meal does capture the logic of stuffing food as economically as possible.