What The Internet Really Thinks Of Gordon Ramsay's Latest Portuguese Recipe

Gordon Ramsay just made a version of a classic Portuguese sandwich that sounds absolutely scrumptious. The recipe was made as a part of his "Ramsay Around the World" series on YouTube after he spent a week in Portugal filming the National Geographic show "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted." The show brings Ramsay to exciting locations all across the globe to incite his culinary curiosity and discover new dishes to make.

While he was in Portugal, he was inspired by some of the traditional food to make his kicked-up Portuguese bifana. The recipe for the sandwich, which is on his website, details how to marinate a tender pork chop in sweet mostarda, garlic, and olive oil before grilling it and assembling it on a loaf of crusty bread with bell pepper, red onion, chile peppers, cilantro, prosciutto, arugula, sheep's cheese, and mustard. Our mouths are watering by the time Ramsay shows the end result on a wooden cutting board with the Mediterranean flowing in the background.

The viewers had some comments on Gordon Ramsay's take on the bifana, however. 

The internet's response to Gordon Ramsay's Portuguese sandwich

While most people who viewed the "Ramsay Around the World" video on YouTube agreed that Gordon Ramsay's version of a Portuguese bifana looks really tasty. The internet doesn't agree that it does the traditional Portuguese sandwich justice, or that the recipe he uses is close enough to the classic dish.

"It looks delicious, and I am sure it is. I think it will be much nicer than what Portuguese consider bifana," one commenter wrote. "But in all those 12 years that I am living here in Portugal, I have never seen a bifana being served like this."

Another noted that a bifana is usually not made with cheese, and typically uses a specific type of soft bread called paposeco that soaks up the sauce. Someone noted that the traditional recipe they use is much simpler with fewer toppings, and that Ramsay's version is more Portuguese-inspired than authentic.

In any case, Gordon Ramsay's sandwich looks delicious, and the recipe is worth a try. Maybe it can serve as a spark of interest to learn more about Portuguese cuisine and transition to more traditional and authentic Portuguese recipes in the future.