Be Aware Of These Costco Purchasing Limits Before Your Next Trip

As always, Costco presents excellent savings for their members. However, in the batch of deals that last until August 29, most limit the number of a specific item you can buy, albeit at a more than reasonable point. Looking through their online catalog of sales, Costco's most onerous limits have been placed on their Jif and Skippy sales. Of these, you can buy a combination of two. Then, there's their Hidden Valley ranch and seasoning with a limit on two for each. This shouldn't surprise as both are household staples to the extreme.

A more generous amount is allowed for with the 90-pouch box of Welch's Fruit Snacks and Nabisco's belVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Biscuits. These you can stock up with four. A larger group of products are capped at five purchases. These include Hello Panda's chocolate creme cookies, variety packs of Nature's Garden trail mix, packets of Goldfish, Frito-lay variety packs, 64 ounce tubs of Hellmann's mayo, boxes containing 16 Nutella & Go!, 51 ounce containers of ground Folgers, and Genova Yellowfin tuna tins. For reasons unclear, you can fill your cart with six boxes of 72 Kellogg's waffles.

All of these deals cut 2 to 3 dollars of each product, making them a saving even more massive than what one normally associates with Costco. Moreover, all of them are bulk-sized items. Anything you stock up on you will have for weeks if not months. The limits, then, are barely felt in practice.

The least restricted and the utterly unrestricted

For those who experience deal fever, we have separated the items you can buy in the biggest bulks.

At the top limit of the Costco catalog, there are the products you can stuff into your car in quantities of 10. So, go mad with the Edward Marc coconut almonds with dark chocolate, Skinny Pop popcorn, variety packs of Made Good granola minis, Nature Valley's oats and honey bars, Season's skinless and olive oil-soaked sardines, Post's Honey Bunches of Oats, Victoria's marinara sauce, Chobani variety packs, Go-gurt variety packs, Bibigo beef bulgogi mandu, variety packs of Perfect bars, and packages of Columbus salami.

If that was not tantalizing enough, there are then the items that are on sale without any limit attached. You can buy as much Hippeas white cheddar chickpea puffs, Sambazon açai juice, Dr. Brew kombucha packs, flatbread chicken melts made by Sandwich Bros., and Delici's Belgian chocolate mousses as you want. Admittedly, this might be because chickpea puffs will probably not sell on the same scale as peanut butter. Still, the deal is there, and for some, that is more than enough reason to convert to the supple chickpea.