Aldi Shoppers Are Jealous Of This Peach Hard Seltzer Deal

The summer season is the time when many people enjoy picnics, parties, celebrations, vacations, or even just take the time to soak in the nice weather by relaxing outside by the pool or beach. And while all of these activities are fun on their own, Aldi has been helping shoppers make these warm weather occasions even better with sweet summer picks like Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wine Hard Seltzer. 

This light, fruity, and refreshing seltzer boasts a pleasant, sweet peach flavor, but contains just 80 calories and only three grams of sugar in each 8.4-ounce can, making it the perfect addition for just about any summer celebration (via Aisle of Shame). Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, including summer. But while we may be on the tail end of the season, there is one big upside. This fan-favorite drink is now on sale at some Aldi locations for more than half-off as part of the store's end of summer deals, meaning shoppers can score a box of four cans for just $2.33.

But this peach drink is not available at all Aldi locations

One Reddit user in Illinois couldn't help but post about the great deal they found on this Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wine Hard Seltzer at their local Aldi store. "Of course I'm stocking up," they wrote. However, some states have very strict rules around the sale of alcohol-based drinks. In these cases, alcohol is not allowed to be sold at grocery stores — and in other cases, states are not permitted to discount alcohol like seen here at Aldi. Residents of areas with more restrictive beverage laws couldn't help but express their disappointment over the fact that they cannot take advantage of this great deal at their local Aldi store.

"Where can you buy wine at the grocery store?" one surprised Reddit user asked, while anther wondered, "Where do you live that they're allowed to clearance alcohol?" Another Reddit user simply joked, "*Cries in Pennsylvania*" while another posted that he was "so jealous." Another Reddit user chimed in, "I moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois and had to do a double-take when I saw vodka at CVS." So while this sale is a great time for some Aldi shoppers to stock up on this summer special, unfortunately, not everyone is able to partake in the fruity peach drink.