Light And Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes. Cook time: 5 minutes. Servings: 1.

I consider eggs the most important food of all time. While that may seem like an exaggeration, I won't back down. They are orbs of nutrients that happen to taste like enclosed pots of gold. A single egg contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals, loads of protein, and about 70 calories. Incredibly versatile, eggs can be prepared in myriad ways as the stars or incorporated into other dishes as indispensable helpers. Rich and delicious, eggs ought to be a vital part of any balanced diet. While there are plenty of egg prep methods to discuss in earnest at any given moment, here I'll let you in on a few secrets for making a plate of impossibly light and fluffy scrambled eggs for one.

There are several scrambled egg hacks to choose from, of course. That said, you may not be able to put them all to use at once. We're all only human after all. But I want to use this opportunity to show you how to make amazingly soft, French-style scrambled eggs with large, pillowy, still-moist curds. You can give your scrambled eggs a strong head start by incorporating dairy (cream, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, or something similar). While you can cook eggs in oil, I find that butter yields the best taste. Doesn't it always?

Here, heavy cream is whisked into the eggs. If you don't want your eggs to be as rich, you can also opt for a lighter type of dairy instead. Think milk, cottage cheese, or even Greek yogurt. The secret is to use lots of elbow grease to ensure that everything is mixed thoroughly and all the whites are blended with the yolks and cream. The process may take a few minutes, but keep at it. Use a nonstick pan and a rubber spatula so you can easily lift and fold your eggs to create large, soft, addictive curds. Lastly, turn off the heat before the eggs are completely cooked through to avoid overcooking. The residual heat from the pan will help you finish up the job. I like to use the last stage to fold in fresh herbs for complexity.

This recipe is totally adaptable to suit your palate, so have fun and experiment with adding chopped veggies, cured meats, herbs, spices, or cheese if that's your kind of thing.


Shopping list

  • 2 large eggs

  • 2 tablespoons heavy cream

  • kosher salt

  • freshly ground black pepper

  • 1 tablespoon clarified butter or ghee for greasing pan

  • finely chopped fresh herbs and toast for serving, optional


  • medium nonstick pan

Whisk eggs

In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs and heavy cream until fully combined, making sure all yolks and whites are blended thoroughly. Season with as much salt and black pepper as desired.

Cook eggs

Heat the clarified butter or ghee in a medium nonstick pan over medium-low heat. Add the egg mixture and leave without stirring until the bottom begins to set, about 30 seconds. Using a rubber spatula, fold the egg mixture repeatedly, being sure to get underneath and folding all the way over. Continue to fold until the eggs are almost completely cooked, then turn off the heat. Add the fresh herbs if using and continue to fold until the eggs have reached the desired consistency. Season with more salt and pepper as desired. Enjoy while still warm with toast alongside if you like.

This recipe for breakfast huevos rancheros would be equally delicious with scrambled eggs instead of fried ones if you're looking to add a little more color to your breakfast table.