Selena + Chef Season 3: Info We Know So Far

Selena Gomez is undoubtedly one busy woman. The 29-year-old always has a project (or 10) in the works, and she shows no signs of slowing down. On her website, music, film, fashion, and other endeavors are well documented, but what we're most eager about is the upcoming season of "Selena + Chef." Crave explains that the show was originally designed in a socially distanced fashion, premiering in the summer of 2020. Gomez's guest chefs connected with her via video chat and the two seasons that aired on HBO were extremely successful. Now, fans are impatiently waiting for the third season of "Selena + Chef" to premiere.

While people around the world engaged in video chats to work and socialize, Gomez took up home cooking using the same medium. Gomez was joined by a rotating cast of talented chefs for each episode, learning plenty of cooking tips along the way. You can bet that the internet rated the guest chefs, and some popular favorites, according to Screen Rant were Roy Choi, Aarti Sequeira, and José Andrés. Aside from the tasty recipes and kitchen hacks the chefs shared, Glitter reports that Gomez and HBO Max donated $10,000 to each chef's charities of choice. Seventeen notes that, between the two seasons, $360,000 was raised for 23 organizations. So what can we expect as we gear up for "Selena + Chef" Season 3?

When is the release date for Season 3 of Selena + Chef?

If you've been keeping up with "Selena + Chef," then chances are you're eagerly waiting to find out when the upcoming season will premiere. The show made its debut in August 2020, after HBO Max decided to air 10 episodes of the cooking show (via HBO Max Wiki). Fans were able to dive into the second season of the at-home cooking show in January 2021, according to IMDb. Of course, the more pressing point of interest is the release date for Season 3.

Selena Gomez herself recently made an official announcement, answering @HBOMaxPop's Twitter post, "@selenagomez If you can hear us, bless us with more selena + chef pls." Enthusiastic fans commented, restless for more information regarding the Season 3 release date. Gomez let her fans speculate for a couple of days and then succinctly responded, "October" with an emoji of an egg in a frying pan. (Whether that's also an indication of the upcoming dishes she will prepare with her guest chefs is anyone's guess.)

What can we expect from the episodes in Season 3 of Selena + Chef?

Details regarding the upcoming third season of "Selena + Chef" have remained very vague for the time being. Nevertheless, the same premise, where guest chefs teach Selena Gomez various cooking tips and recipes, will be maintained. Also, Next Season TV reports that a focus on food-related charities will remain fundamental throughout Season 3.

As far as guests go, we're sure Gomez plans to surprise viewers with some unexpected invitees. She certainly pleased fans when her BFF Taylor Swift made an appearance to check out Roy Choi's Korean Barbecue Texas Breakfast Tacos in episode 4 of the first season (via Entertainment Tonight). While there are no confirmed chefs for Season 3, Premiere Next hypothesizes that Nana Cornett, Papa Cornett, Liz Golden, Raquelle Stevens, Theresa Mingus, and Paige Reed might co-star in an episode.

As for the menus, it's hard to know what will be prepared since the dishes are entirely dictated by the guest chefs. Chances are she'll try new recipes since she managed to master a large variety during Season 1 and 2. Fodor's recounted some of the top recipes from past episodes, with favorites such as a perfect omelette, a classic roast chicken, an authentic Mexican meal, and many more. It's clear that Gomez does not shy away from a challenge!

Why was Selena Gomez so enthusiastic about creating Selena + Chef?

You would think that someone as busy as Selena Gomez wouldn't have time to stand around cooking all of her meals from scratch, but in fact Gomez told Elle that seeing plenty of food content online during the pandemic made her realize she had no clue how to prepare any of it. This led her and her team to brainstorm a way to get her cooking during lockdown.

Thanks to the expert chefs who co-starred on "Selena + Chef," Gomez learned a wide range of cooking styles. Aside from learning to make delicious meals, she confided to Elle that the show allowed her to create a unique bond with her fans. Gomez said, "It's the most 'myself ' I've been to the world," and her many followers are backing her up wholeheartedly. While Gomez's impressive accomplishments might make her appear like a superhuman, watching her struggle and learn in the kitchen allows her to be seen in a natural state.