Wendy's Fans Think This Cryptic Tweet May Be Aimed At McDonald's

Over the years, Wendy's Twitter account has gained its own sort of celebrity status. With 3.8 million followers, the brand has become well-known for the witty tweets, sassy comebacks, and clever roasts that it delivers on its social media page. Fans have come to expect a cheeky tone from the chain, which is why a recent series of cryptic tweets about chicken nuggets has led some to assume that they were issuing some thinly-veiled criticism of one of their biggest competitors, McDonald's.

"There are Wendy's Spicy Nuggs and then there are the knockoffs," Wendy's wrote on Twitter, along with the hashtag for Wendy's Spicy Nuggets. Right away, many followers of the fast food chain began to speculate that the message was directed at McDonald's, who announced the return of their Spicy Chicken McNuggets, which are seasoned with cayenne and chili peppers and offered with Mighty Hot Sauce, earlier this year.

Wendy's seemed to target Ronald McDonald himself

After sparking controversy amongst its online audience, Wendy's followed up their post with a couple more tweets in which they appeared to take additional digs at McDonald's. Following a message from Twitter user @fairley_tatum, who asked, "What knockoffs?," Wendy's replied, "Find a clown, they can tell you," in what appeared to be a reference to McDonald's famous mascot Ronald McDonald. Then, after Twitter user @cam6ron wondered, "Should u go to [Wendy's] or McDonald's right now?," Wendy's replied, "I am Wendy's so that answers that question." 

A third Twitter user, @athenslmfao, encouraged the fast food restaurant to put out a "diss track" on their competitor, writing, "Wendy's diss track on McDonald's?" And again, Wendy's offered a response, saying, "We put out a whole mixtape." So while they may not have mentioned McDonald's directly, it does seem safe to assume there is at least a little bit of shade intended for their nugget rival in these tweets. And although Wendy's seems pretty confident that they have the best spicy nuggets on the market, we'll have to wait and see if McDonald's hits back with a few spicy replies of their own.