The One Fast Food Item Josh Scherer Will Never Eat Again - Exclusive

"Mythical Kitchen" host Josh Scherer is no stranger to unique food items. His cooking show has millions of subscribers that tune in to watch Scherer create one-of-a-kind concoctions like a Panda Express Big Mac, which involves a mashup of beef and broccoli mixed with the classic burger. The chef also enjoys adding his own spin to fast food favorites like Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza in his segment called "Fancy Fast Food," where he uses decadent ingredients like wagyu oxtail and queso Oaxaca. However, there is one meal that even the adventurous eater stays away from.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Scherer revealed that although he loves most of McDonald's breakfast offerings, he can't stand its McGriddles. "A lot of people love, love, love them, but I think there's something about syrup with cheese and eggs that I can't stand," he explained. "And so, it's like a little mini pancakified bun that has these like syrup crystals dotted inside, but of course, it's artificial maple syrup so you like unwrap this eggy cheesy mixture, and then you smell fake maple extract, and then you just bite." He said there's something so deeply unpleasant about the taste for him that he never wants to have one again.

The 'Mythical Kitchen' host shares which discontinued item he wishes would make a comeback

While Josh Scherer won't be eating McGriddles again anytime soon, he does enjoy many other fast food staples like the Crunchwrap Supreme, which he calls a game-changer. "People thought you made all the shapes you could with the tortilla and then Taco Bell said, 'Nope, you forgot about the hexagon.' So I love that," he admitted.

The chef also likes to indulge in a delicious burger from time to time, and there's one specific chain that he loves the most. "I mean the Double-Double from In-N-Out, being a Southern California guy, I mean, I have so much love for it," he said. "I would go there after basketball games in high school and I have so many fun nostalgic memories for it and it tastes the same every single time you get it, which is a beautiful thing."

Scherer also divulged that if he could bring back one discontinued item from any fast food menu it would be the Santa Fe Gordita. "It was one of the gorditas that originally came out when Taco Bell launched it I think in the late '90s, early 2000s when I was like 9 or 10, but it had black beans and corn in it," he explained. "And I remember tasting it and being like, this is authentic Mexican food because I saw a full spec of black bean in it, but that one to me is really underrated."

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