Why 'Boiling Point' Is One Of The Most Realistic Chef Movies Ever

In terms of movies set in the food industry, a few gems have really managed to stand out in the past such as "Chef," which was released in 2014. Per Screen Rant, the film dove into the culinary world through the eyes of Jon Favreau, who played the central character of a chef struggling to stay afloat in a competitive space. It also had another wholesome narrative arc featuring the cook and his son as they made delicious cuban sandwiches together from a colorful food truck.

Also, as per Variety, another food-based film worth checking out is "Boiling Point," the short film directed by Philip Barantini. The movie is a tough watch — it follows a head chef in a London eatery as he tries to juggle his personal life and work commitments in a highly stressful environment. Interestingly, Barantini's real life experiences in the kitchen have inspired many scenes in the film. "I'd seen, witnessed and personally experienced a lot of things that are in the movie," he said. "I'd seen that world from behind the curtain. I worked in some really nice places, but behind the curtain is a whole different world."

It's not afraid to dig deep

The strength of the movie lies in the fact that it explores controversial topics, such as drug addiction in the culinary space. As per Variety, Barantini felt the need to focus on these issues on account of the struggles he experienced in a professional kitchen. He explained that the industry may look fancy on the outside, but it's a difficult path. "It doesn't matter how glamorous the front of house is, generally the back is pandemonium; there's a lot of sh** that goes down in terms of alcoholism, drug abuse, stress," said Barantini. "I had my struggles myself, I'm not ashamed to say that." 

The director added that he's been sober for a few years now and he's grateful for that. To ensure he made the movie as authentically as possible, Barantini also paid close attention to the details in the film. He chose to shoot in a restaurant where he had worked before, so he knew the location inside out. Additionally, he went down an unconventional route and didn't add dialogues beforehand, allowing actors to improvise while filming the scenes and leaving room for a lot of vulnerability.

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