Reddit Can't Believe This Coffee Recipe From 1893

When you need to keep yourself alert during a long day or just want something to help wake you up first thing in the morning, coffee always does a great job. This versatile beverage can be prepared in several ways — you can sip on a cup of filtered coffee, go black without any mix-ins, drink cold brew with a splash of milk, make a frothy cup of cappuccino, and much more. 

It's worth noting that the coffee-making process can include some pretty outlandish ingredients, as long as you're willing to experiment. According to Eater, egg coffee was once enjoyed by Scandinavian expats in Minnesota in the late 1800s who searched high and low for a solution to modify their weak coffee. By including eggs in their morning joe, the expats got to enjoy a cup of coffee that tasted less bitter and came with some very unique flavors. The idea also inspired some recent Redditors to try it out, with mixed reactions.

A coffee recipe with a twist

According to a post on r/Coffee, caffeine enthusiasts used eggs to prepare coffee as far back as 1893 by combining ground coffee beans with an egg and boiling water. The presence of the egg allegedly made all the difference in the world because the egg yolk helped the beverage taste and look much more appealing. Additionally, the egg whites ensured that the coffee grounds fell to the bottom of the container. 

A commenter on Reddit gave this method a shot and wasn't impressed. They wrote, "Made egg coffee a while back, though only with the yolk. It tasted creamy and indeed like eggs. Could see somebody getting nostalgic for it if they were used to it but it was not my preference." Others disagreed, saying, "Just tried it with a light roast that's normally sweet and floral. It isn't bad at all!" They added that the egg flavor isn't obvious and the taste closely resembles bulletproof coffee. For another Redditor, this method was a bit too much to take and they simply couldn't believe that others had tried it. Try this method out for yourself to see which side of the debate you fall on.