The KFC Xbox Controller You Never Knew Existed

Whether it's a cold Mountain Dew and a handful of Doritos or a lukewarm bottle of Gatorade with some cold pizza, there's a lot of stereotypes that come to mind when someone mentions video games and snack foods together. While the idea of hour-long gaming sessions fueled by sugar and sodium are nothing more than fun meme fuel to have a good laugh at, it's not uncommon for businesses to try and appeal to gamers in some rather unconventional ways. 

The popular stealth-action series Metal Gear ran a promo for the Japanese energy drink Regain (via YouTube), while Burger King included Pokémon Balls in children's meals in December 1999 until the brand had to recall the toys, per CPSC. According to Games Industry, McDonald's even released handheld Game Boy-esque cartridges of Sonic the Hedgehog games in Happy Meals in 2004. While fast food companies love to appeal to video game fans, one chain had to get in on the action.

A finger clickin' good controller

Back in October 2020, Microsoft's Xbox and KFC teamed up for an exclusive United Kingdom promotion (via Tom's Guide). Contestants had to simply sign up for the KFC Rewards app, opt into the contest, and purchase a box meal that had a special code that allowed them to enter. While one lucky winner could take home the grand prize of an Xbox Series X, some fans could claim an exclusive KFC-themed controller. Designed with the chain's signature colors of red and white, the controller features chicken bucket emojis alongside hunks of popcorn chicken and the catchphrase Finger Clickin' Good. There's even an adorable little cartoon Colonel emblazoned on the controller to cheer you on during your fourth hour of non-stop gaming excitement.

Critics reacted poorly to the Kentucky Fried Controller. According to TechSpot, one reviewer said, "It must have taken some misplaced hubris on KFC's part to believe people would look at the words 'finger clickin' good' without feeling nauseated." LaptopMag's own frank review read, "Fried chicken, for the love of all things holy, does not belong on an Xbox Series X gamepad." Despite the reactions to the controller, KFC still hasn't given up the ghost on games. While patient gamers wait to see if certain rumblings about the chicken chain's console come true, anyone excited to game with their fried chicken needs to get their hands on this signature controller (via Forbes).